The Connection Quotient
224 pages

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224 pages

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In this world, interconnectivity is in crisis. Functionality and financial rewards seemingly guide our working relations and are affecting our ability to relate through others and ourselves. The human perspective seems to be lost, leading to divided and less productive teams and organizations.
The Connection Quotient enables an honest, courageous and humane interconnection to form while still focusing on financial outcomes and results – developing these relations to improve the business networks they serve. The CQ enables us to illuminate our human qualities and use these to connect with others, discuss differences, expand insight and encourage the development of new ideas. The CQ will introduce a new workplace culture where organizations and teams can approach the personal and professional through a more transparent and inclusive style. Ultimately, the CQ makes it possible to play ‘hard on the ball, and soft on the individual’.



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Date de parution 04 juin 2020
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EAN13 9781911671077
Langue English

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“Like a Japanese fable, The Connection Quotient provides the reader with a long line of shimmering input, encouraging and even requesting the reader’s complete attention. Buschman acts like a shaman, ending each chapter with assignments and numerous questions for reflection which the reader can use to connect with themselves, their network and their organization.”
Erik Korsvik Østergaard , Author, Teal Dots in an Orange World , and leadership advisor (Søborg, Capital Region, Denmark)
“ The Connection Quotient challenges you to ‘see with new eyes’ how you connect with yourself, others, your team, your organization and the world by weaving a compelling narrative through evocative stories, insightful observations and supporting wisdom. This is a timely book on what makes us truly human – the power of connection.”
Prasad Deshpande MCC , CEO, Empowered Learning (Pune, India)
“Marco’s work on The Connection Quotient is a deeply personal account demonstrating the importance of human connection; starting with yourself, others, the people you work with and society at large. A beautiful systemic perspective offering practical and easy-to-use guides to deepen your own CQ as well as nurturing and managing your connections. The future of humanity lies in our collective capability and connectedness, making this a must read.”
Inge Simons , Partner, 42virtual Schweiz AG & Kaleidos BVBA (Zürich, Switzerland)
“Marco Buschman has written a powerful field guide to connection as a life and leadership endeavour. This very personal and practical book draws the reader in to explore the many ways connection is expressed and provides a mirror for personal discovery. In a world where effective work and meaningful life is so relationship-based, The Connection Quotient provides a unique lens for reflection.”
Phillip Sandahl , Co-author, Teams Unleashed: How to Release the Power and Human Potential of Work Teams , and co-author of worldwide bestseller, Co-Active Coaching: The Proven Framework for Transformative Conversations at Work and in Life (Sausalito, California, USA)
“ The Connection Quotient demonstrates that the essence of leadership is about creating powerful connections with yourself, others, your team, your organization and the world around you. Who are you as a function and who are you as an individual? Marco discusses these themes with a youthful business-like élan, rendering them tangible.”
Dr. Boris Blumberg , Academic MBA Director and Senior Lecturer, Maastricht University (Maastricht, The Netherlands)
“In the 21 st century, connection is of key importance: connected people, ideas, corporations and countries make it possible to run the world as globalized as it is today. Connection is fundamental for successful innovations and competitive nations since our world becomes more and more complex and the stakeholders are increasingly interdependent. For me, Geofusion is destiny and connectivity. Connectivity on a personal level is yet another factor of success to be aware of. This book clearly depicts how vital it is that we are connected to each other. Highly recommended!”
Norbert Csizmadia , Author, Geofusion: The Power of Geography and the Mapping of the 21 st Century (Hungary)
“Making a genuine connection with others while at the same maintaining your own autonomy is definitely possible. The basis for this is mutual trust, allowing each other space, and thinking and acting consistently based on the belief that 1+1 is at least 3. Marco has integrated this principle into his own life, applying it on a daily basis, and expanding on it in The Connection Quotient . For me, this practical book is a superb example of the simplicity, subtlety and power of this principle.”
Ingrid Eras-Magdalena , SVP Global HR, Belmond – Hotels, Trains & Cruises (London, United Kingdom)
“Connection occurs when an employee or manager is able to add meaning to relationships in the broadest sense of the word. Essentially, this is all about intention, communication and genuine contact. In my opinion, this primarily means listening, approaching others in a respectful way and giving the other person space. These themes are superbly covered in this book.”
Arco Solkesz , Brigadier General, Joint Support and Enabling Command (JSEC) Director, NATO (Ulm, Germany)
“Marco was able to articulate a remarkable ‘no nonsense’ and pragmatic guide to becoming a better person, a better friend and a better leader! The Connection Quotient makes you reflect deeply on yourself and your connections. It provides a powerful balance of individual stories underlined with the latest research in leadership development. It embarks you on a journey of consciously building personal and professional connections (starting with yourself), so that you surround yourself with high energy and fulfilling relationships. You can expect a stunning impact on your personal life and your business environment!”
Régis Chasse , Dean, The Leadership Institute, Majid Al Futtaim (Dubai, UAE)
“ The Connection Quotient shows the importance of individual and collective connections in mastering the current and future challenges we are facing on our planet. The book explains the how power and quality of human relations in our organizations and societies make these connections happen. Marco does a marvellous job of demonstrating what leaders and teams need to work on.”
Curt Blattner , Author, The Heartbeat of Excellence (Lausanne, Switzerland)
“I decided to read this as a reference book and to select chapters that were relevant for myself. However, once I started reading I became so captivated by the story that I couldn’t wait for the next chapter to start, and the next, and the next... The personal reflections, practical theory and challenging assignments contained within ensure that The Connection Quotient is more than just another book about leadership. It is a unique and holistic experience that compels you to rethink your vision on business and on life.”
Barbara van der Heijden , Global Talent Director, Capgemini Invent (London, United Kingdom)
“The power of The Connection Quotien t lies in the divergency of topics that Marco Buschman has succeeded in covering in one book. These topics are not only bundled in various circles (in connection with yourself, others, your team, your organization and the rest of the world), but are also subdivided into the functional versus the personal. This makes The Connection Quotient a valuable reference for every professional today to use to their advantage.”
Bart Terlunen , HR Director, ENGIE (Den Bosch, The Netherlands)

This book is dedicated to Laura, Frank and Erin. You are my mirrors of happiness and vulnerability.
by Stephan Paolini, Chief Talent and Learning Officer, Capgemini Group
General introduction
The framework of the Connection Quotient
How to read this book
An enriching perspective on leadership

1. Self-reflection
2. Mortality as a source of inspiration
3. A meaningful life
4. Dream big
5. Breaking down patterns
6. Mentally emigrated
7. Feelings
8. Saudade
9. Happiness
10. Strategies for happiness
11. Saying NO
12. Trust in yourself
13. Life goal

14. Friendship
15. The conversation
16. Relationship trust
17. Powerful interactions
18. Body language
19. (Mis)communication
20. Toxic relationships
21. Think differently, act differently
22. Listening with intent
23. Positive-critical thinking
24. What kind of leader are you?
25. The halo-and-horn effect
26. And… action!
27. Empathy explored

28. Intellect versus emotion
29. Group or team?
30. Live in a dream world more often
31. Smart groups or dumb masses?
32. Dysfunctions of teamwork
33. Experiential learning
34. Commitment and emotion
35. 1 + 1 = at least 3
36. Communicating your vision with conviction
37. High Performance Organizations
38. Organization culture
39. Strengths-based leadership
40. ‘Difficult’ employees
41. Organization stories
42. Team development
43. Powerful leadership
The power of the Connection Quotient
Afterword and Acknowledgements
Inspiration and Resources
As today’s world is ever accelerating its shifts, we are more exposed to the impacts. We now find ourselves in a relationship environment that is open, transparent and immediate for which the ‘continuous evolution’ is an important driver. Continuous feedback, continuous conversation, continuous information, continuous learning, continuous new technology options, continuous adaptation, etc. One could also read ‘instantaneous’: if we like instantaneous feedback, we expect instantaneous answers, which is more demanding for others. The counterpart of this real-time and on-demand approach is the speed of obsolescence: our organizations, our products and services and even our people can quickly be out of relevance, and maybe the market if we don’t skill up and adapt

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