Being well with your weight
65 pages

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Being well with your weight , livre ebook

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65 pages

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Being well with your weightA simple and easy guide to lose or gain weight according to your desires! Would you like to gain or lose weight?Do you have a few extra pounds that you would like to get rid of?Or, on the contrary, do you want to gain a few pounds?Would you like to have a healthy life and habits?Our collection of practical booklets “eGuide Zen” proposes to make your life easier!Discover little, easy and cheap eGuides that will help you bring Nature into your daily life and find serenity … and why not find yourself!We found serenity and our way by love, inner balance, peace, sharing, but also by testing and adopting healthy habits simple to set up. We love to cook naturally and prepare any kind of juices or herbal teas to do well 🙂We want to share with you our experiences and tools to get closer to yourself and find serenity …You will discover useful little handbooks, always at hand in your smartphone 🙂N°2 – Being well with your weightIn this eguide you are going to find some healthy and basic habits to be at peace with your body and with your weight. You will also find some practical and simple tools like recipes of fresh juices, herbal teas and other healthy dishes to help you simply having the weight you want!What are you going to find in this “eGuide Zen”?Tools and tips to get the weight you wantMore than 40 healthy recipes of fresh juices, herbal teas and other gourmet dishes+ 150 content pagesSo, are you ready to take the path to peace and serenity ?! Yes?Let’s go!Kind regards,Cristina & Olivier Rebiere



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Date de parution 15 février 2017
Nombre de lectures 1
Langue English

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Being well with your weight
A simple and easy guide to lose or gain weight according to your desires!

A small guide that will allow you to understand the basic mechanisms to regulate your weight, but also some tools to help you keep fit, without diet and without getting too tired...

- English, version 2 -

© Cristina & Olivier Rebière - 2017. All rights reserved.
Table of Contents

1. Inner balance and weight
2. Easy to set up balanced diet
3. Some fruits and vegetables to help you lose weight
4. Simple physical activity without getting tired
5. Some tools to reduce stress
6. Fresh juice recipes to lose weight
7. Herbal teas recipes to lose weight
8. Fresh juice recipes to gain weight
9. Fresh juice recipes to fight stress
10. Herbal teas to combat stress
11. Herbal teas recipes for better sleep
12. A few healthy and gourmet recipes to eat well without gaining weight
Hello !
W e welcome you in your ebook Zen Attitude - " Being well with your weight - losing or gaining weight according to your desires! " - a simple and practical guide that we hope will help you better understand the mechanisms that manage your weight and will give you some useful tools to lose or gain weight according to your wishes.
This digital guide is not a nutrition manual, nor a book offering miracle solutions, but it aims to present simply to you the mechanisms that determine your weight and on which you can act.
I am not a nutritionist, but I will tell you about my experience and my observations throughout my life. For a long time, I was too skinny and I wanted to gain weight, without getting there. I had no problems with anorexia or other illnesses like that. In fact, I did not really want to gain weight, even though I tried. It was mainly the others who found me thin, although it is true that a weight of 42 kg for 1m62 does not fit completely in the standards. There were people who envied my weight because they told me that I could eat whatever I wanted and as much as I wanted. This was true, but not entirely.
I was also faced with the reverse problem that is much more common in our society: having pounds extra. However, the mechanisms that govern our body, both the intake and the weight loss are largely linked to our mind and inner peace , our inner balance with ourselves.
When you are going to realize the impact of your mind on your body, you will easily understand that you do not need diets to lose weight, nor extreme physical activities, nor deprive yourself of things you like.
Having a healthy lifestyle is necessary, but not to "undergo things", but to feel better in your body and with yourself.
That is why I propose to approach in this little guide the main gears of the "mechanics" that will regulate your weight easily.
I have always been passionate about plants and often used their properties to treat me, my little family or even my friends. They are also very useful to take care of your health and more particularly of your body :-)!
I imagine that, like me, you do not have an infallible memory. This little guide will allow you to easily remember the basic mechanisms and simple gears on which you can act to be well in your body. It will also help you quickly find out which fruits and vegetables can help you "control" your weight better without too much effort and especially without any particular diet, cures or other programs like that, which will only help you for a fixed period of time. The goal is to be well in your body, with your weight, being in agreement with yourself, for a long time...
My intention is not to write a treaty on nutrition, on inner balance or other alternative therapies, but to offer you a simple guide to help you being in harmony with your body and at the same time lose or gain weight to be fit. My choice is to simplify things and not to present complicated theories, nor all the experiences that I have lived and which have led me to all these conclusions.
In the same way as our little eGuides of the Nature Passion collection, this ebook will give you or will remember to you simple keys to act on your weight. If you simply want to bring nature into your life, you can find the Nature Passion collection here , but also on other online selling platforms.
The Zen Attitude collection proposes several little guides to be fit, to take care of your body and your mind simply and with the help of actionable tools easy to implement.
So why not start right away taking care of yourself?

Depending on the capabilities of your eBook reader, you can enjoy zooming features on photos. You can also click on the hypertext links (or hyperlinks) underlined throughout the eGuide. We tried our best to make your reading experience as enjoyable as possible, despite the wide technology gaps between various reading systems.
Be sure that we will propose to you more interactive versions, as the formats and eBook readers should be standardized in the future!
Well, let's start ;-) !
Cristina & Olivier Rebière
1. Inner balance and weight
I do not know whether you are aware or not, but our inner state has a great influence on our weight. If you are unaware of this link, you may have heard people say they were gaining weight because they were stressed. Well, it is a very real relevant reason.
When we are stressed, our condition has a direct impact on our weight. Each of us and each organism does not react in the same way: some will gain weight when they are stressed, while others will lose weight. And you may be surprised to learn that your body can react in both directions. I've been losing weight because of periods of emotional stress, just as it has happened at other times to gain weight for the same reasons.
Maybe it happened to you too ...
For people who are overweight, this happens perhaps less often since the body has become accustomed to react by gaining weight. But this is not a general rule because I have known people who during great internal torment and emotional stress have lost weight, while they have been overweight for several years and consistently.

W hat you should understand above all is that our body, and notably our weight, is not only related to what we eat. Our emotional state has a great impact on our weight. Therefore, to have the weight you want, you should not only "monitor" your diet, but it is just as important to take care of your inner well-being.
We will see how in the following sections. Inner balance is a vast and complex subject and many of us, if not all, aspire to serenity . But how many of us get there? Serenity is a feeling that comes directly from inner balance. Serenity is in fact a consequence of this balance. You should not confuse the two terms since you can be serene without having reached inner balance. The feeling of serenity will then be transient and will be linked to the precise circumstances that have generated this serenity - such as a beautiful day spent reading by the sea doing things that you love after a period of stress or an exam or other emotional test.
But let's get back to our subject: weight, since inner balance is a subject on which I hope to soon write another guide in the same "Zen Attitude" collection. What is the link between weight and inner balance? As you have understood or already experienced on your own body, our stress influences our weight. Consequently, by eliminating our stress and tending towards inner equilibrium,it will be easier to "control" our weight.
I am not going to pretend to teach you in this little guide how to arrive at inner balance since it took me many years before to get there myself. And even after reaching inner balance, the weight is not stabilized for ever. We are living in a society, in constant interaction with others and consequently we are always prey to emotions, feelings, changes. The inner balance allows us to live in full consciousness and know how to diminish the impact of the emotional on our inner life.
Here are some simple tips to reduce your stress and try to build your path to inner peace.
MY ADVICE n°1 Do not lose (or gain) weight because of what the "others" say or think about you!
Your ideal weight is the one that suits you and with which you feel at ease. So be honest with yourself: if you find that you have extra pounds and would like to lose weight, then take action! (Read this book until the end for example :-)!) If you are thin and you want to have some extra pounds, then take action too!
MY ADVICE n°2 Before you start making changes, try to find out what you really want about your weight!!!
This research should be done within yourself and consider what you really feel. It is important to do this introspection first. This is going to increase your chances of successfully reaching the weight you want.
Why do I say that? There are many women (and men too, even if not so many) who want to lose weight because they do not "fit" the standards of beauty or because their friends are thinner or because they are ashamed or because of the inappropriate remarks of others (and often even relatives). All these reasons have nothing to do with what people want or the weight they really wish to have.
MY ADVICE n°3 Do not worry about the looks of others on your person. Your own look and inner feelings matter much more.
You will see that worrying less about

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