The Hot Flush Freedom Challenge
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90 pages

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Menopause can be a complex time of life but it doesn’t have to be complicated to get control of your symptoms
Too many women think it’s either HRT or suffer but that’s not the case. There’s a third option, which is to get control of your symptoms naturally.
The Hot Flush Freedom Challenge is for busy, professional women who want straightforward practical advice they can implement with minimum fuss and time.
Written using everyday language, the book offers a step-by-step solution to getting control of your hot flushes, night sweats, energy bombs, mood swings, brain fog and sleep in just 10 days.

Challenger Success Stories
Praise for the Online Challenge
From Mining to Menopause: My Story
Your Menopause Roadmap
How to Get the Best from the Challenge
Day 1 – What Do You Really, Really Want?
Day 2 – Get Cracking with Your Tracking
Day 3 – Cut the Caffeine
Day 4 – Breathe and Relax
Day 5 – Phone a Friend
Day 6 – Red, Red Wine
Day 7 – Eat Smart
Day 8 – Sweet Dreams Are Made of These
Day 9 – HIIT Me Baby One More Time
Day 10 – Your Menopause Mindset
Bonus Challenge: Day 11 – Your Body, Your Menopause, Your Choice
How I Can Help You
Let’s Hear It for the Boys
Smart Eating for Menopause: Shopping List
Smart Eating for Menopause: Meal Planner
Smart Eating for Menopause: Recipes
Menopause Mindset Tool



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The Hot Flush Freedom Challenge
10 days to cool down, calm down and break through the brain fog of menopause
by Julie Dennis
First published in Great Britain by Practical Inspiration Publishing, 2017
Julie Dennis, 2017
The moral rights of the author have been asserted
ISBN (print): 978-1-78860-008-8
ISBN (ebook): 978-1-78860-007-1
All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

The information presented in this book is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice and treatment from your physician or other health-care professional.
You should consult with a physician or health-care professional before undertaking any diet or exercise programme, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem.
The author and publisher cannot be held responsible for any errors and omissions, inadvertent or not, in the text, or any actions that may be taken by a reader as a result of any reliance on the information contained in the text. Any actions are taken entirely at the reader s risk.
For my husband, Tony, who has loved me through menopause and beyond
Menopause is part of life s pattern for women. But while puberty, pregnancy and childbirth are a regular part of our conversation, menopause is often ignored. Attitudes are thankfully starting to change, but for many menopause conjures up images of wrinkly old women overcome by hot flushes veering from one end of the mood spectrum to the other.
And yes, some women experience hot flushes and mood swings, along with a whole host of symptoms. But for those suffering, the misconceptions are hurtful and the silence is deafening. The reality is that many women can start experiencing symptoms in their 40s and for some, it can happen much earlier for medical or surgical reasons.
This means that you may well be only halfway through your life with many years left in the workplace when you find yourself thrown off course by menopause. And it s true that some women sail through this period, but I m guessing if you re reading this book that s not you!
I may say that I sailed through menopause but that s not entirely true. It s only looking back knowing what I know now that I recognise my menopause symptoms. I d suffered with painful periods for years, doped up like a zombie for 10 days a month to deal with it. On top of that, I had full-on acne - it s more common for women in their 40s than people think. Specialist hormone tests showed the chaos in my body and finally I started the journey back into balance - the delights of perimenopause. The rest truly was plain sailing and I m loving my post menopause years.
Julie and I share a passion for raising awareness and talking about menopause. We re on a mission to get rid of the taboo once and for all so that everyone who needs extra help and support can get it.
Julie s practical, no-nonsense approach to managing your symptoms, whether it s hot flushes, mood swings, brain fog or insomnia, is reflected in the challenge. Whether you ve been in the chaos of menopause for years or you ve only recently begun to experience symptoms this book can and will help you. The guidance Julie offers is easy to understand, quick to implement and it works.
It s time we all sailed through menopause and enjoyed the next phase of our lives.
Deborah Garlick Founder and Director
Challenger Success Stories
Praise for the Online Challenge
From Mining to Menopause: My Story
Your Menopause Roadmap
How to Get the Best from the Challenge
Day 1 - What Do You Really, Really Want?
Day 2 - Get Cracking with Your Tracking
Day 3 - Cut the Caffeine
Day 4 - Breathe and Relax
Day 5 - Phone a Friend
Day 6 - Red, Red Wine
Day 7 - Eat Smart
Day 8 - Sweet Dreams Are Made of These
Day 9 - HIIT Me Baby One More Time
Day 10 - Your Menopause Mindset
Bonus Challenge: Day 11 - Your Body, Your Menopause, Your Choice
How I Can Help You
Let s Hear It for the Boys
Smart Eating for Menopause: Shopping List
Smart Eating for Menopause: Meal Planner
Smart Eating for Menopause: Recipes
Menopause Mindset Tool
At 62, Gill thought she was too old to be experiencing menopause symptoms. She d originally taken HRT to manage her symptoms but had to come off it very suddenly due to high blood pressure. It was like stepping off a cliff. Her sleep was destroyed and she was overwhelmed with anxiety. She d lie awake worrying not just about her own children, but also about the year six children she taught at school.
Gill was told she d always been a bad sleeper and thought she just had to get on with it. She tried various coping mechanisms, including over-the-counter sleep remedies, and even ironing at 4 a.m. It was the Hot Flush Freedom Challenge, however, that transformed her life. After years of lying awake until finally falling into a deep sleep at 5 a.m. and then having to get up at 7 a.m. exhausted, Gill now sleeps through from 10.30 p.m. to 6.30 a.m. with maybe one wake-up.
Once Gill started sleeping again, the anxiety began to subside too. Today she feels calmer and recognises if you can t do anything about it, why worry? What Gill loved about the challenge was the way a series of little changes made a big difference.
At 53, Tessa thought she was one of the lucky ones and menopause had bypassed her; seemingly overnight, her temperature went haywire. She started waking repeatedly throughout the night soaked through, and would break out in a sweat multiple times during the day.
Her first hot flush of the day usually happened when she was drying her hair in the morning, and the next couple would arrive during her commute. Struggling out of her coat or jacket in an effort to cool down on a crowded commuter train was a nightmare.
Tessa worked as an office manager in an open-plan environment, so there was no place for her to hide. She was also finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time. Work tasks weren t getting done on schedule, and her boss had noticed. She experimented with various herbs, supplements and even a magnet, but nothing seemed to ease the flushing or help her sleep.
Tessa discovered the Hot Flush Freedom Challenge via Facebook and signed up as a last resort. On Day 7 she slept through the night for the first time in months, and her commute on Day 8 was flush free. And her performance at work improved radically: Tessa contacted me three months after she d completed the challenge to let me know she d been promoted. What she loved most about the challenge was its simplicity.
Prior to the challenge, Donna was struggling with severe hot flushes-flushes that sucked all the energy out of her body and made her feel so nauseous she sometimes had to sit down. Her energy levels were at rock bottom and her anxiety levels were rising. She worried about not having enough energy to get everything done. She also worried about what would happen if she went on holiday-who was going to cook for her sons and take care of the cats? Negative thought patterns were stopping her from getting anything done.
Donna had undergone cancer treatment; this made her hot flushes worse, and she thought she just had to put up with them. That all changed when her best friend introduced her to the Hot Flush Freedom Challenge. She went from having seven or eight hot flushes a day to only three. She s gone from living with constant anxiety and perpetually thinking about others before herself to putting herself first. She feels much more positive about things generally, and isn t consumed by negative thinking. What Donna loved about the challenge was how it helped get her mind and body working together.
When Judith discovered the Hot Flush Freedom Challenge, she was experiencing up to eight hot flushes a day and waking up six times a night with night sweats. She was exhausted. Some days she felt she just shouldn t be at work-she was that tired. Her hot flushes were so intense that sweat would run down her face, and she was terribly embarrassed at work. Her reception class of four- and five-year-olds, however, was endearingly supportive; some of them made fans for her out of paper.
Her hot flushes are now down to two a day, and she was even able to wear a winter coat and jumper on a recent school trip, which she hadn t been able to do for years! What Judith loved about the challenge was how down-to-earth and practical the advice was; she found it easy to relate to.
Sally confessed she was very sceptical about the Hot Flush Freedom Challenge. She s a family lawyer and heard about the challenge through one of her clients-she and the client had experienced simultaneous hot flushes during a particularly stressful meeting with the other side.
Sally felt she should be able to work out how to manage her menopause symptoms herself. She d do the research, do the work and get through it. Brain fog and hot flushes were her big issues, and she d made some changes based on her research but wasn t getting the results she wanted. She struggled to recall case details without constantly referring back to her files, and her hot flushes flared throughout the day.
The trigger tracker was a game changer for Sally. It quickly became clear that the combination of work stress and too many cups of tea was triggering her flushes. She employed the breathing technique in the short term to manage the flushes, and created a caffeine-reduction plan to help her cut back on the tea drinking. Her food diary revealed that erratic eating habits were compounding her brain fog.
By taking the time to assess what was happening and then making the appropriate changes, Sally rapidly learnt to manage her flushes and break through the brain fog. What Sally loved about the challenge was how easily it fitted into her working day.
My mind is sharper. I feel much more energetic. My sleep is less disturbed. I wake without feeling tired. I ve lost weight. My skin is clearer. I feel more confident! Fiona
Following the challenge daily was a pleasure. I felt I was starting to take control and working towards a healthier future. Julie has a relaxed, friendly and non-judgemental approach. Alison
Excellent and manageable small changes that make a huge improvement in the quality of day-to-day living. Gill
With only a few minor tweaks and changes my hot flushes have reduced and my sleep has improved. So impressed. What an eye-opening challenge! Thank you, Julie. Alex
Everything Julie says makes perfect sense. She supplies all the information to survive this stage of life! A big thank you, Julie! Jennifer
My flushes and hot sweats at night have decreased dramatically. Kath
Biggest thing for me is my new positive approach to the mature me and my menopause. Rebecca
Sleep, less bloatedness and improved motivation. Support from other women was phenomenal. Karen
Lost 4lbs! Debbie
Wow! Slept for six hours straight last night! Mandy
Amazing improvement. I feel as though I am getting my life back. I am becoming ME again. Sarah
I am very surprised to have found that such simple measures could make such a difference after 15 years of suffering. I am truly amazed. Alison
The breathing technique was easy to apply and really works. Louise
I am completely cured of my sleep problems as have cut out alcohol and caffeine. Sue
Fantastic improvements; only get the odd heat wave. Still wake in the night but that is just due to noise from outside. Tracy
Still having the odd flush but they are fewer and less intense. Thanks so much for this. I m finding it helpful and easy to follow. Nicky
Only one cuppa today after a great night s sleep last night. Woke up a couple of times but not with the sweats, so that is what I m celebrating today. Alice
Got a bit wound up last night with something work related. I took some deep breaths and it really helped manage it. Thank you, Julie. Deb
I ve been asleep for over eight hours, only getting up for the loo twice! No hot flushes! No waking up tired! Judy
Slept sound right thru, last night. Only one hot flush this week. Thanks to Julie and all of you ladies in the group. Esther
It s good to read posts and realise that it s not me going crazy. Occasional hot flush but sleeping much better . . . I do feel more alert, memory seems slightly improved. Maria
Something must be working. I ve got fleece pjs on, heating on and have had to put gas fire on . . . last two months I ve had shorts and vest top on and bedroom windows open. Mandy
You can register for the next live round of the Hot Flush Freedom Challenge online ( ).
Hello there! My name s Julie Dennis, and I m your menopause coach.
I am 47 at the time of writing this book, but my menopause story started when I was in my early 30s, with a hysterectomy. Within a couple of days of the operation, the doctors put me on hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which I took quite happily, naively assuming it was a cure for menopause.
I went home, recovered from surgery and returned to work. At the time I was working for a FTSE 100 global mining company in London.
I got stuck back into work and life in general, and I expected to pop those HRT pills until my early 50s, the average age women in the UK start menopause. Then I d stop the HRT and get on with my life-job done. I couldn t have been more wrong!
Fast-forward ten years or so to 2013 and I was made redundant. Woo hoo! I was beyond excited about this opportunity to breathe, relax and decide what I wanted to do next with my life.
I knew I didn t want to carry on commuting to London, and I didn t want to work in a corporate environment any longer. I realised I was ready to take the lead and build my own business.
I decided to work with women like me: women over 40 who wanted to lead healthier lifestyles (but not too healthy), lose weight (but not too much weight), get fit (but not too fit); women who wanted to feel good about themselves inside and out.
So, I got qualified as a personal trainer and nutrition adviser and set up my own business.
My lovely clients saw great results: they toned up, lost weight and felt fitter than they had in years. But they were also asking questions about menopause; specifically, how to naturally manage menopause symptoms such as hot flushes, brain fog and anxiety. But I didn t have the answers. After all, I was on HRT-I thought I was fixed!
In order to help my clients, I embarked on extensive research and discovered, to my horror, HRT isn t a cure for menopause. It s a stopgap and a Band-Aid that masks what s really going on. Certainly not a cure.
And so, I took the big decision to wean myself off it.
Over a period of about six months, I gradually reduced my HRT dose. For that whole period, I didn t feel any different. And then within a couple of days of taking my last tablet, it all went horribly wrong.
First a urinary tract infection-my first ever! That was a fun couple of days. Not! Who even knew UTIs were a common symptom of menopause? Not me, that s for sure.
Then the hot flushes. It s not just the discomfort- they re embarrassing too, aren t they? You know what it s like. You sense that inner heat flick into life and feel yourself getting hotter and hotter. And there s nothing you can do about it! Cardie on, cardie off, window open, window shut, hair up, hair down. I used to carry a bag full of hair ties with me everywhere!
Hot flushes are bearable if you re at home, and they re just about okay if you re out with friends, but at work it s different. In the office it can be humiliating, especially if you re predominantly working with younger women or men.
You might make the old joke along the lines of is it hot in here or is it just me? But it s not funny. It s downright mortifying as the flushing and blushing and sweating starts alongside your rising distress as you worry your colleagues or clients will notice your wet, shiny face and find it distasteful.
Then there are the mood swings and the menopausal rage. If you get your petrol at a certain Sainsbury s in North Hertfordshire, you may well have been unfortunate enough to have witnessed my jumping out of my car and yelling at some poor woman who d mistakenly pushed into the petrol queue. I m horrified when I think back on that incident now. But I had no control over my actions.
It was the lack of sleep that truly brought me to my knees, though. I d always been a great sleeper-anytime, anyplace or anywhere! And suddenly I wasn t. Instead, I would go to bed tired, struggle to fall asleep and then wake up every 90 minutes or so hot and sweaty, worrying about random stuff or needing to pee. It s so hard to drag yourself out of bed each morning when you ve been clock-watching throughout the night.
Do you get brain fog? Who even knew that was a real thing? Silly stuff like getting your words muddled up (we still call beetroot rhubarb in our house because weirdly, I kept confusing the two). I struggled to recall the names of people I d known for years, and had no hope of remembering the names of people I d just met. I was a PA throughout my 20s and 30s, so I m super organised and efficient and an excellent multitasker-at least, I was until the menopause hit.
Suddenly I was regularly losing my keys and purse, and I would forget what my husband had told me within seconds of his speaking. I think in the end I just stopped listening. I really felt as though I were losing my mind. And all of this whilst I was still trying to run my own business. My husband was the only person who really knew how bad things were. The stress of pretending to everyone else-family, friends, business contacts-that I was fine was immense.
Eventually I started to work with a health coach who specialised in hormone balance and menopause, and over several months we gradually put in place the changes that enabled me to get back on track with my health and my business: changes to the way I ate, drank, thought and exercised.
Since then I ve devoted myself to educating women just like you on how to manage this little-talked-about stage of life, so you can get your life back too.
Too many women think their only option is to suffer or take HRT, but that s not true. There s a third choice. You can learn to manage symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, brain fog, mood swings, anxiety and bad sleep through the way you eat, drink, think and exercise.
So what is menopause anyway?
I m just going to give you a brief overview. This isn t a technical book designed to help you understand what s going on inside your body. Consider this your menopause toolkit-it s packed with practical, easy-to-follow, expert advice on what you need to do to get control of your symptoms.
Menopause is a natural part of the female life cycle. It s not an illness, it s not an oestrogen deficiency disease, it s not a mental health issue. It s simply part of being female, in the same way that puberty or pregnancy is.
The reason menopause is more relevant now than even 50 years ago is simply because we live longer. We re also working longer too, which is why getting control of your menopause symptoms is crucial to keeping your career on track.
Hormones are simply your body s chemical messengers. They control everything from your appetite to your behaviours, your moods, your sleep and your energy levels, right down to how you feel at any given moment of the day.
You ve got sex hormones, hunger hormones, sleep hormones, stress hormones and happy hormones, to name a few. Your hormones and the messages they send are affected by your food and drink choices, the environment, stress, genetics, the chemicals in your clothes and food packaging and even the way in which you exercise.
There are three stages to your menopause years: perimenopause, menopause and post menopause.
Symptoms can appear anytime from around the age of 35 as the levels of your sex hormones-oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone-start to drop at varying rates.
Perimenopause, which means around menopause , is the bumpy hormonal road leading to your final period. The following are some common symptoms during this time.
Hot flushes. You simply cannot control your body temperature-you re randomly overheating and wearing strappy tops all year long.

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