Sex Tips For Couples
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17 pages

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"Sex Tips For Couples: His And Her Guide On Sex And Romance For Couples: The Missing Link In Sex And Romance Edition 2" is the second installment in a series being written by Karen Boulder. Sex is a sketchy topic to many as they only see one side of things so in her bid to educate she has merely continued from where the first book left off. The main aim that she has with her texts is to prevent relationships from failing as a result of lack of knowledge of the ground rules. If you are compatible as a couple there is no reason that it should not work as long as you have all the relevant information on hand.



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Date de parution 25 novembre 2013
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Sex Tips ForCouples
HisAnd Her Guide On Sex And Romance For Couples: The Missing Link In Sex AndRomance Edition 2
By:Karen Boulder
Tableof Contents
Publishers Notes
Chapter 1- What Are the Benefits ofSex for a Couple?
Chapter 2- Why Women and Men View SexDifferently
Chapter 3- How Do Couples Misunderstandthe Value of Communication in the Relationship?
Chapter 4- What Makes a RelationshipUnhealthy?
Chapter 5- How to Keep the SpiceAlive In a Relationship?
Chapter 6- Why Is Romance Importantin a Relationship?
About The Author
Publishers Notes
This publication is intended toprovide helpful and informative material. It is not intended to diagnose,treat, cure, or prevent any health problem or condition, nor is intended toreplace the advice of a physician. No action should be taken solely on thecontents of this book. Always consult your physician or qualified health-careprofessional on any matters regarding your health and before adopting anysuggestions in this book or drawing inferences from it.
The author and publisherspecifically disclaim all responsibility for any liability, loss or risk,personal or otherwise, which is incurred as a consequence, directly orindirectly, from the use or application of any contents of this book.
Any and all product namesreferenced within this book are the trademarks of their respective owners. Noneof these owners have sponsored, authorized, endorsed, or approved this book.
Always read all informationprovided by the manufacturers’ product labels before using their products. Theauthor and publisher are not responsible for claims made by manufacturers.
© 2013
Manufactured in the United Statesof America
This book is dedicated to myfamily who are a constant source of support.
Chapter 1- What Are the Benefits of Sex for a Couple?
Thereare many people who claim that sex isn't important when it comes to arelationship. But when it boils down to the truth, sex plays a major role whenit comes to building a healthy, loving relationship. Both parties have to bewilling and both parties have to be interested in the possibilities when itcomes to creating a healthy sex life. No sex in a relationship can createstrain, misplaced feelings and disconnect.

Forsex to even remotely be healthy there has to be a healthy set of emotionsinvolved. Sex isn't just an act, it's a feeling followed behind the act. Manypeople get the idea of sex confused, thinking that it's just an action. Andthat is why many people find themselves going through the motions when it comestime to make the bedroom rock. For couples who have no idea the real benefitsof sex, let’s find out why sex plays a major role in all relationships.
Itneeds to be understood that sex must be enjoyed by both people involved. Foryou to really understand the importance of sex and what it can accomplish, ithas to be a activity you enjoy being involved in. If you have ever been toldthat sex is a stress relief, then whoever informed you of this knew exactlywhat they were talking about. Sex can be compared to similar activities andrecreational hobbies such as eating chocolate, or playing a favorite sport.
Sexhas the ability to make our bodies produce a hormone that makes us happy. Ithas been scientifically proven over and over again that couples who endurestressful situations all the time tend to have less sex. With that being said,couples should allow sex to be their stress reliever. Allow sex to elevate yourmood and help you sleep better at night. It will not only sweep away thetension in your relationship, it will leave you feeling rejuvenated thefollowing day.

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