Medicinal Plants:Collection Of The Best Medicinal And Herbal Plants That Provide The Best Remedies
89 pages

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Medicinal Plants:Collection Of The Best Medicinal And Herbal Plants That Provide The Best Remedies


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89 pages

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Medicinal plants are a great way to get many benefits that you are looking into for your body. Medicinal plants are an alternative to modern medicine, and it ca be a great way to help improve yourself and make your life even better. In this day and age, using plants in a medicinal fashion actually isn’t done as much, and for many people, it might seem weird. You can get many benefits from medicinal plants, and I myself have been able to as well. This book will go over the top five benefits that are most prevalent in your body from this, along with the top five benefits that you can get from this that also can help in other areas as well. You can get the benefits of this immediately, and medicinal plants can do a whole lot of good for you.



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Medicinal Plants

Collection Of The Best Medicinal And Herbal Plants That Provide The Best Remedies
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Table Of Contents
Book#1: Essential Oils: Learn About the 9 Best Essential Oils to Use to Have Healthier Skin, Stronger Immune System, and a More Energized Life
Peppermint and Lavender
Sesame and Rose
Pine and Clove
Black Pepper

Book #2: Beauty products for Beginners: Learn About The Best Beginners Guide To The Benefits Of Using Beauty Products At Home To Get Nice Glowing And Extremely Healthy Skin
Coconut Oil
A No-Show Foundation for Your Skin
Super Concealer!
Natural Beeswax
Face Masks

Book #3: Aromatherapy: Discover And Learn These Top 9 Benefits Of Using Aromatherapy And Essential Oils For Your Skin , Health, And Life!
Reduce stress Fast!
Fight of Depression and Depression Tendencies
Fight off Pain
Improve Blood Pressure
Good for the End of the Day
More energy
Promote Sleep
Beat Anger Management
Boost Memory Capabilities

Book #4: Essential Oils for Pets: Discover The Top 9 Amazing Essential Oils That Have Naturally Healing Properties For Pets!
Pan Away and Peppermint
Frankincense and Lemon
Lavender and Thieves
Chamomile and Cardamom
Tips on how to use Oils

Book #5: Honey Miracles: Amazing Honey Benefits That You Never Knew Of For Beauty And Healing, Curing, And Protecting Your Self
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Beauty Wonders from Honey
Chapter 3 : Conclusion

Book #6: Honey: Discover and Learn About These Top 9 Benefits of Honey You Must Know About for Your Health
Combat Allergies Fast
Beat Bacteria
Improve Digestion
Gets Rid of Acne
Prevent Hair Loss
Helps with Dental Issues
Cures Colds and Core Throats
Helpful for Diabetics
Boosts weight loss
Book #7: Herbal Remedies: Discover the Top 15 Medicinal Plants and Their Benefits for Your Health and Beauty
Chapter 1: Before There Was Aspirin
Chapter 2: Sleep Remedies
Chapter 3: Herbal Remedies for Sicknesses
Chapter 4: Arthritis and Pain Relief
Chapter 5: Skin and Hair Care
Chapter 6: Coming to an End

Book #8: Herbal Remedies Cure: How to Easily Use Homemade Organic Herbs to Cure Your Self
Chapter 1 - Herb Gardening
Chapter 2 - Using Herbs as Medicine
Chapter 3 - Solutions for Common Problems
Chapter 4 - Some Precautions

Book #9: Coconut Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar Handbook: Use Coconut Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar for Healing, Curing, Beauty, and Glowing Radiant Skin
Chapter 1 - What is Coconut Oil?
Chapter 2 - Benefits of Coconut Oil
Chapter 3 - Apple Cider Vinegar 101
Chapter 4 - Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar
Book#1: Essential Oils: Learn About the 9 Best Essential Oils to Use to Have Healthier Skin, Stronger Immune System, and a More Energized Life

Hello and thank you for taking the time to check out this book.
This book will be talking about a certain series of oils that have miraculous health properties, and it’s a series of oils that can change your life. Essential oils are some of the best things to have in your body, because they can cause many different health properties, and it can change your life.
For many, the idea of using essential oils might be silly, or it might just be odd in a sense, but the truth is, it actually is a great thing for you. Essential oils can totally change the way your life is going, and it can make things even better. For many, it’s a way to naturally help heal the body, and it can make issues that you normally have with your body gone away in a flash.
Sometimes people turn to medications in order to fix things. We live in a culture that relies on that sort of thing, and although it might be good for some problems, with others, it actually can make them worse. But what about if you were able to naturally heal the body in ways that you want to, without the aid of medications and such? Well, you can do that, and that’s where essential oils come in. Essential oils will help make your body better faster, and from there, you can have the best body you can possibly have that is healthy and rejuvenated. The body is a great thing, and you can take care of it by using essential oils.
I took the effort to write this book because I also had issues similar to you. I wanted to get the full benefits out of something that is healthy for me, and something that will rejuvenate the body. I was sick of taking so many medications, and that’s when I found out about essential oils. These nine oils will help you feel better, live longer, and have a much better life. These are the nine best that are out there, and you can change your life with this. It’s time to get the full benefits of these nine essential oils, for this book will help you do that, and you’ll get the amazing benefits right away.
Peppermint and Lavender

The two essential oils that we’ll be talking about first are peppermint and lavender. These two essential oils are two of the most popular essential oils out there, but they do a lot for a person. Many people can have amazing benefits from essential oils, and these two have some very important health benefits that go along with them. This first section will talk about these two and the benefits that they yield.
You’ve probably had peppermint before. I you’ve ever had a breath mint or a refreshing breath spray to make that breath you had go away, then you’ve had it. It’s a great breath freshener, but it does a lot more. If you have any stomach issues going around, you can actually use peppermint to help fight it off, and it does help soothe any nausea you might have. If you have an itchy or irritated patch of skin, the anti-inflammatory nature of it can help make it go away. And finally, if you have muscles that hurt, rub some peppermint on there, because the menthol cans really sooth the area.
If you’re congested, you can actually boil some peppermint oil in hot water and breathe it in. It will help get rid of the congestion and it can be absorbed in the body. It is also great for PMS, headaches, sore throats, and it can even help increase awareness. Overall, peppermint is a very important essential oil that can help with a multitude of problems.
Lavender is essentials oil that not only smells really good, it can help improve your body as well. This oil is actually the go-to oil for many organic oil users, and it’s an essential oil that’s great for just about anyone. You can use it undiluted, and it will be gentle on you.
Lavender has a lot of antibacterial properties to it, which is why it’s used in many cleaning properties that just about anyone can use. But it also can help with other issues, because if you have digestion issues, it can help with that, and if you have a really bad headache plaguing you, you’ll be able to relieve it using lavender.
Finally, lavender can help relax you. It’s actually used to help clam the nervous system down. If you feel anxious, take some of this and it will help you with that. It can also work with the nervous system to help you focus better, fight joint pain, and even help with urinary and respiratory disorders. Lavender does a whole lot for the body, and you can definitely get the results that you’ve always wanted. It’s great to take both of these, because if you’ve ever had issues with the body, these two amazing essential oils can do the job for you, and soon you’ll be feeling better, happier, and able to combat a multitude of problems that are plaguing you.
Sesame and Rose

These next two essential oils are two oils that you might not necessarily expect to be essential oils. You probably know these two more as plants that you either view or eat. Sesame is used as a seasoning, and roses obviously are pretty to stare at. But did you know that they both create essential oils that can help with many issues? That’s right, these two plants contain important essential oils, and they are two other important oils that can help with the body. This chapter will go into detail on what these two do, and how they can help with certain conditions of the body.
Sesame is not just a means to help make certain foods taste better, it’s actually popular oil that can be great for you. Sesame oil can be used as moisturizer in many cases, and it’s actually a popular ingredient in hair and skin products. It might seem a bit strange, but they are definitely helpful with the treatment of dry skin as well, which is what makes it even better.
But you can also use it for other means as well. If you want a natural sunscreen, rub some sesame oil on you. The high SPF in it can help protect you from the sun. There are also some great fatty acids in there that can help lower blood pressure and even stress levels in the body. If you have a risk for cancer, taking some sesame oil can also help stop the growth of cancer cells. There is a lot of amazing health properties attached to this, and it’s in your best interest to try them in order to get the benefits that you’ve always wanted in your body. There are a lot of properties, and it’s one of those oils that you don’t expect to be helpful, but it is.
Roses are very sweet, but rose oil also has some great health properties. You can get it in the store, but make sure you choose ones from Bulgaria or turkey in order to get the highest quality imaginable. It won’t smell too strongly, but it works well.
Rose oil can help with hormone balance in a woman, help treat PMS and menopause symptoms, and it can even help with problems in the bedroom. Plus, it’s a great oil to help with the skin, and it can certainly do a lot. Rose oil can do many things, but it also is sweet smelling too, which makes it even better.
Pine and Clove

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