Journey of a Thousand Miles : An Extraordinary Life
177 pages

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Journey of a Thousand Miles : An Extraordinary Life , livre ebook


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177 pages
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Born into poverty in Japanese-occupied Taiwan, Ruey Yu overcame near-starvation during the Second World War. Destiny, however, had other plans for him: he was to become an award-winning biochemist, then the co-founder of what would soon become the multi-million-dollar skin care company NeoStrata.

After living through the Second World War and the post-war military dictatorship of General Chiang Kai-Shek, Dr. Yu won a coveted post-graduate scholarship to study chemistry at the University of Ottawa. He subsequently took up a research position at the renowned Skin and Cancer Hospital (Temple University) in Philadelphia, where he collaborated with pre-eminent dermatologist Dr. Eugene Van Scott to develop treatments for serious skin diseases.

In 1972, Dr. Yu and Dr. Van Scott discovered that fruit acids, known as AHAs, could effectively treat the disfiguring skin disease ichthyosis, changing the lives of thousands of people who suffered from this debilitating illness. Their further research into the biochemical properties of AHAs led to the discovery of the anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effects of these natural substances—a discovery that was licensed by skin care companies around the world, sparking the multibillion-dollar cosmeceutical industry.



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Journey of a Thousand Miles
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Journey of a Thousand Miles An Extraordinary Life Dr. Ruey J. Yu with Kate Jaimet
University of Ottawa Press 2017
The University of Ottawa Press gratefully acknowledges the support extended to its publishing program by the Government of Canada, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences through the Awards to Scholarly Publications Program, and the University of Ottawa.
Copy editing: Susan James Proofreading: Lesley Mann Typesetting: Édiscript enr. Cover design: Édiscript enr.
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Yu, Ruey J., author Journey of a thousand miles: an extraordinary life / Dr. Ruey J. Yu with Kate Jaimet.
Issued in print and electronic formats ISBN 978-0-7766-2567-6 (softcover) ISBN 978-0-7766-2568-3 (PDF) ISBN 978-0-7766-2569-0 (EPUB) ISBN 978-0-7766-2570-6 (Kindle)
1. Yu, Ruey J. 2. Dermatologists—United States—Biography. 3. Pharmacologists—United States—Biography. 4. Autobiographies. I. Jaimet, Kate, 1969-, author II. Title.
RL46.3.Y9A3 2017
Printed in Canada
© University of Ottawa Press, 2017
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Table of Contents
Foreword, by Eugene J. Van Scott Prologue: Taiwan, 1946 Chapter 1 Coal Dust and Daydreams Chapter 2 Bowing to the Emperor Chapter 3 A “City Monkey” in the Country Chapter 4 Starvation and Surrender Chapter 5 Return to Hsinchu Chapter 6 The Tale of the Poor Scholar Chapter 7 A Diamond in the Trash Chapter 8 Pedalling Through Taipei Chapter 9 Pure Chemistry Chapter 10 Quemoy Chapter 11 Snowed Under Chapter 12 Coming to America Chapter 13 A Life-Changing Discovery Chapter 14 Taking a Gamble Chapter 15 Avon Calling Chapter 16 A Wrinkle in the Business Chapter 17 Head to Head with the Pink Lady Chapter 18 Moving Forward, Giving Back Chapter 19 New Research Directions Epilogue: Philosophy and Vision of My Life Afterword: Ruey Yu as a Child of Taiwan, by Scott Simon
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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. lao tzu
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my careerin medical and biological science research has been divided into two distinct phases: the before-Ruey Yu period and the Ruey Yu period. Throughout both, I sought to associate with and work with those who would be my teachers in areas of science where I was less knowledgeable. Since 1968, Ruey has been the scientist/teacher for me. He has a dogged determination to continually expand the scope of his own knowledge and capabilities, to become expert in new fields through relentless, intensive study. Examples are many. After Temple University failed to obtain a patent for our initial discovery of compounds to promote skin pigmentation—i.e., esterified derivatives of dihy-droxyphenylalanine (DOPA)—he took it upon himself to write a new patent appli-cation that resulted in the granting to us of a valid patent from the U.S. Patent Office. Thereafter, all our patent applications were first drafted by Ruey before being sent to a patent attorney. Later, when the dermatology department where we were conducting our joint research was abolished, our only alternative was to try to launch a business whose revenues could help us to continue our research. After our efforts to explore col-laborations with joint-venture entities floundered, Ruey took it upon himself to become knowledgeable in business operation, while continuing to pursue new frontiers in bioscience. How this singularly talented man came to be, physically and intellectually, is a challenge to scientific comprehension. Although he grew up severely deprived of nutrients, his brain developed a spectacular intellectual capacity. Perhaps the horrific conditions of his early life are what propelled his lifelong commitment to finding preventatives, cures, and solutions for humankind’s illnesses, imperfec-tions, and needs. Whatever the factors involved, Ruey is an extraordinary human being. To have had decades to collaborate so closely with such a complex, tal-ented man has been a reward I continue to cherish. Actualities achieved from our working together are essentially two. Primary are the discoveries of quite a few biochemical determinants of dermatologic form and function; we were still finding new ones as of the time of this writing in early 2016. The second is establishing a prestigious company that provides products
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