Hierarchy, Commerce, and Fraud in Bourbon Spanish America
409 pages

Hierarchy, Commerce, and Fraud in Bourbon Spanish America , livre ebook


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409 pages
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Using El lazarillo de ciegos caminantes (the "Guide for Blind Rovers" by Alonso Carrio de Lavandera, the best known work of the era) as a jumping off point for a sprawling discussion of 18th-century Spanish America, Ruth Hill argues for a richer, more nuanced understanding of the relationship between Spain and its western colonies. Armed with primary sources including literature, maps, census data, letters, and diaries, Hill reveals a rich world of intrigue and artifice, where identity is surprisingly fluid and always in question. More importantly, Hill crafts a complex argument for reassessing our understanding of race and class distinctions at the time, with enormous implications for how we view conceptions of race and class today.



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Date de parution 13 janvier 2006
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Hierarchy, Commerce,andFraudin Bourbon Spanish America   ’  Rut Hill
Hierarcy, Commerce, and Fraud in Bourbon Spanis America
Hierarchy, Commerce, and Fraudin Bourbon Spanish America
  ’ 
Rut Hill
Vanderbilt University Press Nasville
©  Vanderbilt University Press All rigts reserved First Edition 
    
his book is printed on acid-free paper. Manufactured in te United States of America
Publication of tis book as been supported by a generous subsidy from te Program for Cultural Cooperation between Spain’s Ministry of Culture and United States Universities.
Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data
Hill, Rut, – Hierarcy, commerce, and fraud in Bourbon Spanis America : a postal inspector’s expose / Rut Hill. p. cm. Includes bibliograpical references.  --- (clot : alk. paper) . Concolorcorvo, b. ca. . Lazarillo de ciegos caminantes. . Latin America—History—To . . Spain—Colonies—America—Commerce. . Oligarcy—Latin America—History—t century. . Social classes—Latin America—History—t century. . Corruption—Latin America—History—t century. . Fraud—Latin America—History—t century. I. Title. .  ’.—dc  
For my parents
List of Illustrations
  Mexico City versus Lima:Pila,Puente,Pan,andPeinesDefacing a Bourbon Legend:Pedro,Pardo,Paulino,andPerulero
  En Route and in te Loop: Trade, Metals, and Elites, circa – Of Gods and Men: Bourbon Blindness and te Post, circa –
  Before Race: Hierarcy in Bourbon Spanis America he Inca Impostor Unmasked: Culture, Controversy, and Concolorcorvo
Trial of te Century: Humor, Retoric, and te Law
Epilogue Notes Bibliograpy Index
ix xi 1
41 71
239 274
305 311 355 379
          
Map of Mexico City, 
Map of Kingdom of Guatemala, 
Front page of teGaceta de Lima,
Riddle from teGaceta de Lima,
Riddle from teGaceta de Lima.
Riddle from teGaceta de Lima,
Map of Lima, 
Map of Lima, 
Map of Lima, 
Map of Riverplate Region,  Map of Santiago, Cile,  Map of City of Quito,Kingdom of Quito, Emblems ofSameandIgnorance, Emblem ofError, Emblem ofError, Monster born in Buenos Aires,  Emblem ofSilence, Pre-Conquest Rulers of New Granada,  Pre-Conquest Rulers of New Granada,  Map of Cape of Good Hope, 
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