Moral Discourse in a Pluralistic World
384 pages

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Moral Discourse in a Pluralistic World , livre ebook

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384 pages
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By clarifying the ways in which genuine agreement on moral issues can be pursued through moral discourse, Vokey provides a coherent conceptual framework for addressing the political, social, and environmental problems arising from unresolved moral conflict. This volume will interest those engaged in moral and political philosophy, conflict resolution, philosophy of education, and those involved in cross-cultural conversations among Western and Eastern philosophies.



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Date de parution 07 août 2001
Nombre de lectures 0
EAN13 9780268160005
Langue English
Poids de l'ouvrage 9 Mo

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î à Pluràlîstîc World
in a Pluralistic World
ûéS  é é éSS Notre Dame, Indïana
University of Notre Dame Press
Copyrîght© 2001 Unîersîty of Notre Dam e
N otre Dam e, Indîana 46556
All Rîghts Resered Published in the United States of America
Paperback edition published in 2017
LibàRy of Conress Catalo,ng-inPublication Data
Vokey Danîel.
M oral dîsçourse în a pluralîstîc world i Danîel Vokey.
p. cm .
Includes bîblîographîcal references and îndex. ISBN: 978-0-268-15998-6(paperback) ISBN: 978-0-268-03466-5 (hardback) ISBN 978-0-268-16000-5 (web pdf)
ï. Ethîcs. 2. Pluralîsm (Socîal scîences)- M oral and
ethîcal aspects. I. Tîtle.
BjL012.v655 2001
ï70'.42- dç21
This book is pInted on acidjRee pap. o
ThIs book Is dedIcated to my matenal Randmoth,
In memoY of he iey spIît and cherful wIsdom
Banïsh wïsdOm, dïscard knOwledge,
And the peOple wïll be benited a hundredFOld.
Banïsh human kïndness, dïscard mOàlïtY,
And the peOple wïll be dutul and cOmpassïOnate
Banïsh skïll, dïscard pôît, And thïeves and rObbers wïll dïsappeaR f when these three thïngs are dOne thy înd le
tOO plaïn and unadOed,
Let them have accessOes;
Gïve them sïmplïcïtY tO lOOk at,
the Uncarved BlOck tO hOld,
GiVe theM seLessness ànd fewness Ôf desires
-  
      Ç     Raçtiçal Jûgments an MoRal oints of View MoRal Raitions an MoRal Śçetiçism MoRal isçoûRse
C h a p T e R O N e   è A   A  Ś MèA Ś M  è A è eyon beçtiism an elatiism érénT ¥uéS hé ncoénSuráT o éThodS ieRent "WoRs,  ieRent "RUths he nçommensûRabiit of Meaning ieRent beçties, ieRent Roblems he nçommensURabilit of ŚtanaRs
C h a p T e R T W O   è A   A      A      Ś ialeçtiçal Jûstiçation nteRnal ebates aRRatie an ialeçtiç ialeçtiça Jûstiçation èxteRna ebates oneRging Views
4 
49 5 55 5 6I
C O N T e N T s
C h a p T e R T h R e e   è Ś èAÇ     W   è  è   è Ç  è è ì   Ľ  M he ationality o f Raitions FûRtheR ûestions WoRl Views an Ways of ife he ŚeaRçh R Wie ećleçtie èqûilibRiûm
C h a p T e R F O U R M  A  A      Ś A   A è Ç   ÇA  è A è he èthiçs of ViRtûe MoRal Raitions he ationalit of MoRal Raitions he ase R the èthiçs of ViRtûe
C h a p T e R FI V e   è    è   è Ç   A  Ś  ĽAŚ Raçtiçal ationalit an MoRal èûçation MoRal heoRy an MoRal Raçtiçe ntRinsiç ooness an the ViRtûes
cHAPTÉR S èAŚ   Ś    è  èA ARehensions of ntRinsiç MoRal Valûe he èthiçs ofViRtûe eisite
C h a p T e R s e V e N M  A   Ś Ç    Ś è  h e ŚeaRçh R a ŚatisÀçtoRy MoRal oint o fView aRRatie an MoRal ènqûiRy MoRal isçoûRse in a lûRalistiç WoRl onçlûsion
Abbreviations otes References nDex
66 86 9
109 110 134 150 160
206 07 33
2 89 2 9 1 32 9 33
n thiS book,  Show howcontrary to the claimS of moral ScepticSit iS poSSible Or people om very dierent moral traditionS to argue pro­ ductively about the iSSueS that divide them Along the way,  venture to analyS e , critique , and reconStruct AlaSdair Macntyre 'S account of the rationalit of traditionS chart the epiStemological middle ground beeen objectiviSm and relativiSm outline a coherent conceptual amework Or moral intuitioniSm and reStore the traditional aSSocia tion between the beautiûl and the good My hope iS that, by clariing the wayS in which genuine agreement on moral iSSueS can be purSued through moral diScourSe, thiS book will help addreSS Some of the po­ tca, Soca, anD envronmenta proemS reSuTng ęom unrÈŝovÈD moral conct Agreement on Some core of fundamental moral valueS S neceSSar,  beiÈve , Orj uStce anD democracy to ~ourŝH he argumentS n thiS book ïrSt took Orm aS a doctoral diSSertation in the hiloSophy of èducation rogram of the ntario nStitute Or ŚtudieS in èducation at the niverSt of oronto ( Śè/ )  hoSe argumentS were Sharpened by aStute commentS om my SuperviSor, wight oyd om other memberS of my committee, ieter MiSgeld, eanne ogdan, and onald de ŚouSa and om the examinerS, Wayne Śumner and AlaSdair Macntre  he diSSertation alSo bene ïted om the kindneSS of other àculty and StudentS at Śè/ moSt eSpecially arbara Appelbaum , Alan Çantor, Jim Çunningham , Çlaudia èppert, and Śtella aonwho queStioned my aSSumptionS and Shared their ideaS, thereby broadening my intellectual horiZonS
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