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       There are thousands of commentaries on the Revelation and Daniel, there were also books on the eschatology, times and about the mystery of iniquity, even about the beast.

         But this little book you see is the only book, even the little scroll which John ate as mentioned in Chapter ten of the book of Revelation. For this little book is the Revelation of the things shall soon come to pass, which Lord Jesus by sending his angel just before the last trumpet revealed to John who in Spirit was carried into future, 

        In this book the wickedness of saints and elect of God and Christ is shown, who was called by God to the fellowship of his son with the high, holy and heavenly calling. how they forsook God pretty soon after he called them at the time of their new birth.

            How they and their spiritual forefathers in Christ were wicked from the beginning, even from the second century, from the time of church fathers, it was shown in the book all the evil and spiritual wickedness these saints have committed in heavenly places.

            It was shown how the wrath of God came upon them, how he cast them out from his fellowship and gave them to serve the Pope and Babylon the Church at Rome. And the mystery of the Beast on which the church at Rome rode was shown. And the mystery of abomination that makes desolate aka the image of the Beast that speaks and causes Christians to be killed was revealed, the mark, name, and the number of the beast is revealed.

      The series of things that shall soon take place one after another beginning from this time and throughout the coming two-three decades, all these things were clearly explained to the servants of Christ and also the things they need to do.

      The angel of Lord Jesus, the one who has signified the Revelation to John, who was mentioned in the very beginning of the book of Revelation, explains the book of Revelation, and the things it contains, he gives the overview of the whole book. And he also shows the things that were sealed by Daniel until the time of the last generation. This book will help those who go back and forth in time.

       This book contains deep spiritual and scriptural language, it's not like any of the existing books on the end times, but I testify you before God, that this book is the only book given to saints, and this is that book John ate and prophesied these things in the book of Revelation. This book is given to saints to show them what things shall soon take place, and help them to gain victory over the Beast, over his image, and over the number of his name.

    Hear all you that dwell in Sea, ALL YOU PEOPLE OF OTHER FAITHS learn how the God of Holy Prophets in the scriptures has spoken from the beginning about the wickedness of those that dwell in the Christendom. In this book is shown how God is angry with them that dwell on Christendom called Earth, how he is going punish the nations of Earth, which were denominations and sects of Christendom, how is going to punish church at Rome the Babylon, and after that according to prophet Jeremiah and book of Revelation church at Rome Babylon will violently cast into sea, even into other religion and people of other faith will cover her. 



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Date de parution 26 janvier 2019
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Langue English

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© 2018 Jonathan Bijja Charles Spurgeon
All rights are reserved. No portion of this may be reproduced, stored in retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means – electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording, scanning, or other--except for brief quotations in critical reviews or articles, without the prior written permission of the author.
The scripture quotations are taken from bibles in public domain, namely, Authorized King James Version and American Standard Version 1901.
Cover Design by Jonathan and Naveen Bisht.
Interior Design by Naveen Bisht.
Proof reading by Vicki Pipher-Moore and others
ISBN-13; 978-1-7329267-0-7 (Paperback) ISBN-13; 978-1-7329267-1-4 (Hardcover)
ISBN-13; 978-1-7329267-2-1 (E-Book)
Printed in United States of America
the Savior
Lord Jesus Christ
his servants
Section One: The great wickedness
1. The wickedness of saints and their present situation
2. The unfaithfulness of his people from the beginning
Section Two: Mystery of iniquity
3. Beast the mystery of iniquity and times
Section Three: The things which must soon come to pass
4. Turning again their captivity
5. Avenging of God for his servants
6. Gathering the remnant of his people from the ends of Earth
Section Four: Book of Prophecy
7. The Revelation of Jesus Christ
Section Five: Help to understand
8. Little help for the saints
About the Author
T he Apostle Paul wrote that the things that happened to the children of Israel in the old times are an example, and they were written down to serve as an instruction to the saints. Now, after the children of Israel came into the land, they sinned against God by breaking the covenant in that they went after the strange gods of the various peoples that were living around them. In the course of time, they became more evil than the pagans in the land, so God’s wrath came upon them and scattered them abroad among the heathen nations of the earth to serve strangers and their idols of gods as a punishment. But God said his eyes are upon all their ways: they are not hid from his face, neither is their iniquity hid from his eyes. But the story of this book is about the seed of Lord Jesus, who were begotten again by his death and resurrection as written “when thou shall make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days. ”
It was given by God to Lord Jesus to reign for eternity from the time of his ascension to heaven. But his reign is divided into three phases, and these three phases are made for three ages. In the first phase, he needs to reign over his people in the midst of his enemies who seek to destroy his kingdom and his people, and in the second phase, he will rule the nations of the earth as written “ he shall rule them with a rod of iron:” and that age will last for tens of thousands of years, and Satan will be bound throughout that age so that he no longer deceives the various sects that will be in the Christendom as he is doing now, and in that age Christendom will be filled with the knowledge of God. Now, we are living in the times of the first phase, and this first phase and present age will end with the resurrection of his servants as written “they that are Christ’s (will be raised from dead) at his coming. Then cometh the end, when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, even the Father; when he shall have put down all rule and all authority and power. For he must reign, till he hath put all enemies under his feet.” At the time of dawn the morning star will arise in hearts of his people: then saints who were sleeping in the dust will awake and the dominion will be given to them.
You have heard the words of people saying “Jesus is coming soon” for in every generation in the past centuries many expected he will come in their own generation. I say it is a good thing to look for and hasten the coming of that day. Very certainly I tell you when Lord Jesus said “behold, I come quickly,” he was not talking to the people of the first century or to the people of the past millenniums. John himself was carried in the Spirit into the future, and the Revelation was signified to him just before the last trumpet since it will be made known only to the servants of Lord Jesus who will be present in the last generation after the voice of an angel is heard just before the last trumpet. Very certainly John was not saying the time is at hand to the first-century people or to the people of the past two millenniums. Therefore, the words “behold, I come quickly”, “He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly”, “for the time is at hand.” “Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand” were spoken for the sake of the generation that will be present at the time of the last trumpet. So, the Apostle John was carried into the future and received those things through an angel and prophesied those things that are in the book of Revelation in a symbolic and spiritual language before all these generations, and those things will be closed and sealed until the last generation that will be present in times of the last trumpet.
The book of Revelation contains all things that shall come to pass one after another, beginning from the first century along the way until the end of this present age, including the things that shall come to pass in the coming age and the things that will be in that age that shall come after the coming age, a period in which the New heavens and earth are created. As Lord said unto John, “ Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter;” and at the time when the end will be near just before the last trumpet, Lord Jesus will make Revelation known to John through his angel. So, the book is not meant to be opened for people until the time of the last trumpet.
Daniel the Prophet wrote about the kingdoms of peoples that will exert the authority upon the people in this religion, earlier on Judaism and later on Christianity, for he spoke about the various beasts that came out of the sea to bear rule on earth. After that time, God will give the ends of the earth to Jesus Christ; he will rule over all peoples of various sects that were in this religion. Until now, the Babylonians, the Medo-Persians, the Grecians, the Romans and the Barbarians exerted their authority over the various peoples in this religion even upon the earth. Daniel was asked to seal the prophecy which was revealed to him in the last vision he got, which was noted in the last three chapters of his book, and this is the background of that vision. Daniel in those days set his heart to understand the vision he saw about the He-goat and the Ram. In those days, Daniel mourned three full weeks. He did not eat any pleasant bread, neither flesh nor wine came into his mouth and neither did he anoint himself at all until three whole weeks were fulfilled. Afterwards, a messenger was sent to him to make him understand the vision. After those things were revealed, Daniel was instructed to seal it until the time of the End even until the time of the last trumpet.
The things that were written in this book are for the servants of Lord Jesus who have the understanding among his people. No one who does wickedly against the truth of the Gospel, the Covenant, shall understand these things, but his servants who remember their God and seek him, they shall understand these things. For the fools and mockers, these things appear foolish; for the wicked, these things appear weird; for the wise, these things appear as understanding; and for those who seek our God, these things appear as joyful music. This book I ought to give freely to you, but for the sake of reaching many of you who are far, I kept this on the market for in this book were explained the true and faithful sayings of our God, which he spoke from the beginning of the world through his prophets. I thought it is a way to reach you for your God has scattered you, his people, among various denominations and sects that were in Christendom called Earth. Don’t miss reading the references, meditate and dwell on the things written in this book, go back and forth and see things clearly, you may use your favorite music.
The wickedness of saints and their present situation
B lessed is he that reads, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep the faith of these things which are written in this book: for the time is at hand.
After they came into the world, they learned and lived in the ways of people of that world, among whom they lived in the past, 1 but that Great God called them to his marvelous light, 2 the light which they never saw in the past. But pretty soon they were lost from his light, and so they went on and created light by the fire and walked in the light of fire they lit, and by walking in light they lit they have forgotten that marvelous light of their God.
When he called them out from that world in which they were alive, his word in them was like a fire that burns. But pretty soon fire departed from their mouths. And they went on relying on lies and making lies, and they have forgotten the word of his marvelous light, through which they were called into his light. They fight with one another for their lies.
God has called them to Zion, to that Heavenly Jerusalem, but they have gone into captivity among all heathen nations of Earth. He has called them to liberty, to confidence, and to have fellowship with him, for he is in Christ. But soon they were frightened and fled from Christ and lost the fellowship and confidence.

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