Transforming Relations
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503 pages
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Transforming Relations is a collection of original essays on the history of Jews and Christians in antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the modern era that honors the influential work of Michael A. Signer (1945-2009). Reflecting the breadth of Signer's research and pedagogical interests, the essays treat various aspects of the Jewish-Christian relationship through the centuries, from the divine law in antiquity to philosemitism in contemporary Christianity, from scriptural interpretation in the twelfth century to Christian Hebraism in the fifteenth, and from the presentation of Christianity in the Talmud and Midrashim to modern Christian understandings of Judaism. The essays are unified in their emphases on two principles that pervade Signer's own scholarly work: that the sacred texts shared by Jews and Christians serve simultaneously as a point of convergence and divergence for the two religious communities, and that modern practitioners of Judaism and Christianity must recognize and appreciate the other as part of a living tradition.

A fitting tribute to Signer's wide-ranging work, the volume aims to complement and continue his passionate and learned work of transforming relations between Jews and Christians. It will appeal to a broad readership, including historians of Judaism and Christianity, scholars of the Middle Ages, students of the history of biblical exegesis, and systematic theologians.



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Date de parution 15 mai 2010
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Michael A. Signer March, –January,  Courtesy of the University of Notre Dame Archives
TRANSFORMING Essays on Jews RELATIONS and Christians throughout History
Foreword by John Van Engen
Edited by Franklin T. Harkins
Un i v e r s i t y o f No t r e D a m e P r e s s No t r e D a m e , I n d i a n a
Copyright ©2010by University of Notre Dame Notre Dame, Indiana46556 All Rights Reserved
Publishedin the United States of America
Stanzafrom “My Parents’ Lodging Place,” in Yehuda Amichai, Open Closed Open,copyright ©by Yehuda Amichai, English translationcopyright ©by Chana Bloch and Chana Kronfeld, is reprinted bypermission of Houghton Miin Harcourt Publishing Company.
The Press and the volume editor gratefully acknowledge the generous financialsupport for the publication of this volume provided by
Friends of the Hebrew Union College–Jewish Institute of Religion, with special appreciation to David Ellenson, President
Department of Theology, University of Notre Dame, with special appreciation to John Cavadini, Chair
Library of Congress CataloginginPublication Data
Transforming relations : essays on Jews and Christians throughout history in honor of Michael A. Signer / edited by Franklin T. Harkins. p. cm. — (From the Helen Kellogg Institute for International Studies) Includes bibliographical references and index. isbn13: 9780268030902(pbk. : alk. paper) isbn10: 0268030901(pbk. : alk. paper) 1. Judaism—Relations—Christianity.2. Christianity and other religions— Judaism. I. Signer, Michael Alan. II. Harkins, Franklin T. bm535.t64 2010 296.39609—dc22 2010004293
Lines Written after Reading Celan
for Michael
Your name wanders through night and day. Uncompanionably, it may find you, though You will neither have gone nor arrived. Its touch So pure, you will never know that you were known.
Your name drips from the small hands of the clock. Incomprehensibly, it may find you, though You were lost in the infinite labyrinth of doubt. Its touch So violent, you will never know that you are gone.
The leaves copper in August covering up why. Their rustle shouts down the almost Impossibly dident conversation between you And you across the acres of hurt, borderlands To keep promise promise and outcome itself.
Easiest to be in love with what should be. Admittedly, you did not hit the mark of you. But what you have become is the apple love’s Arrow throws in its way to pierce, remind it Of how imperfectly it is.
Easiest to hate the promiser who did not keep Faith with the setting out. But remember the angel Judges harshly because he sees too much and not enough. Love reaches backward as well as forward. It burns The electric flesh into any word it now finds.
Cyril O’Regan
Foreword John Van Engen
Introduction: The Transformative Work of Michael A. Signer Franklin T. Harkins
I .
A N C I E N T A N D M E D I E VA L P E R S P E C T I V E S : E X E G E S I S , P O L E M I C , A N D C U LT U R A L E XC H A N G E
o n e The Making of a Medievalist Arnold J. Band
t w o The End of the Law: A Significant Dierence between Judaism and Christianity David Novak
t h r e e Christianity in Talmud and Midrash: Parallelomania or Parallelophobia? Israel Jacob Yuval
f o u r The Psalms at the Abbey of SaintVictor: From the Novices’schola to the Heights ofcontemplatio Grover A. Zinn
f i v e HistoriaandSensus litteralis:An Investigation into the Approach to Literal Interpretation at the TwelfthCentury School of St. Victor Dale M. Coulter
s i x The Harmony of Similar and Dissimilar Things: Narrative and Reason in Richard of St. Victor’sDe Emmanuele Boyd Taylor Coolman
s e v e n “Following with Unequal Step”: Andrew of St. Victor, the Glossa ordinaria,and Compilatory Exegesis in the Northern French Schools of the Twelfth Century Franklin T. Harkins
e i g h t “And Rebekah Loved Jacob,” But Why? Responses from Two TwelfthCentury Exegetes Deborah L. Goodwin
n i n e Two Introductions by Rabbi Samuel ben Meir (Rashbam): To the Song of Songs and Lamentations Sara Japhet
t e n Wandering to the End: The Medieval Christian Context of the Wandering Jew E. Ann Matter
e l e v e n Hugh of St. Cher and Medieval Collaboration Lesley Smith
t w e l v e Wessel Gansfort’s () Use of Hebrew Arjo Vanderjagt
t h i r t e e n “The Guardian of Israel neither Dozes nor Sleeps”: Exegesis, Polemics, and Politics in the Late Medieval JewishChristian Encounter Jeremy Cohen
I I . M O D E R N P E R S P E C T I V E S : T H E O L O G Y, P R A X I S , A N D P E R C E P T I O N S O F T H E O T H E R
f o u r t e e n “To Get to Know, to Understand, and to Respect Each Other”: Guidelines Old and New Peter von der OstenSacken
f i f t e e n Biblical and Historical Perspectives on “the People of God” Angela Kim Harkins
s i x t e e n Rabbi Hayim David Halevi on Christianity and Christians: An Analysis of Selected Legal Writings of an Israeli Authority David Ellenson
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