Worth Keeping:
341 pages

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341 pages

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"Worth Keeping is more than worth just reading. I urge church and missional leaders to reflect on the research and absorb the principles contained in this important volume. I am convinced if we put into practice its recommendations we will see more effective missionaries who feel valued as servants of the living God. Worth Keeping should be required reading for all mission leaders and local church mission teams." - Geoff Tunnicliffe, International Director, World Evangelical Alliance, Canada This book was published in partnership with the World Evangelical Alliance.



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Date de parution 01 juin 2007
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EAN13 9781645080664
Langue English
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Endorsements for Worth Keeping
This useful book helps those working in missions to understand how mission ethos and cultures can promote healthy relationships and personal growth. It utilises research data obtained from 40% of the world mission force, and should be required reading for everyone involved in world mission.
Dr. Marjory F. Foyle, WEA Mission Commission MemCa, UK
There can be few more urgent issues than recapturing the importance of long-term, whole-life-investing, mission service: long enough to learn a language properly, to get inside an alien worldview and to make real friendships, without which mission is superficial and deep-level conversion rarely happens. If we care about the God-honouring quality of world mission, then we will want to recruit and keep godly men and women. This book will help us do just that, under the grace of God.
Rose Dowsett, OMF, WEA Mission Commission Coordinator Global Missiology Teams, Scotland
If we long for a harvest of fruit that will last around the world, then we will implement the recommendations contained in this book. It is easier to keep things the way they are. But we will honour God by taking seriously the formidable research described in these pages,
Dr. Debbie Lovell-Hawker, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Researcher, InterHealth, UK
The global missionary community is once again greatly indebted to the writers who are a part of the WEA Mission Commission. There is no doubt that this key book on missionary retention and best practices will challenge and change not only the mode of our member care, but also training as well as the entire process of sending of our missionaries.
Dr. David Tai-Woong Lee, Global Missionary Training Centre, Korea
Worth Keeping marks a significant milestone in the crucial work of the WEA Missions Commission. This seminal work should be read and re-read by all of us who are engaged in this exciting epoch of evangelical missions.
Rob Martin, Executive Director, First Fruit, Inc., USA
All too often research is just left on the shelf to gather dust and doesn t produce the results its conclusions commend. This research has the potential to be different. It contains hard truths alongside many practical recommendations, and we ignore its message at our peril. Study it, see what changes need to be made , but above all don t let it gather dust.
Martin Lee, Executive Director, Global Connections, UK
Worth Keeping is the most extensive and profound international study to date on the issue of retention of missionaries. The comprehensive analysis is an invaluable tool for everyone engaged in missionary work, whether sending, training or being sent. Missionaries are not chess pieces of lower value that can be discarded in the global mission enterprise. Mission organisations know that they are worth keeping and that, in general, long term missionaries are the most effective.
Bertil Ekstr m, Executive Director, World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission, Brazil
Worth Keeping represents the outstanding efforts of a widespread, global group of scholars and practitioners who came together to prepare, research, analyze and report a strategic study on missionary retention. What sets this resource apart from anything else is its clarity, breadth, and utility. It is a must read and applies equally to both church and mission leaders, and anyone who resources mission activities globally.
Brent Lindquist, Ph.D., President, Link Care Center, EFMA Board of Directors, USA
This book will have a great impact for sending mission organisations worldwide. It will also be useful not only in wiser recruitment, but also to significantly lower the attrition rate for many missionaries. The overview for old and new sending countries in Worth Keeping is very helpful to all of us.
Wolfgang B sing, German Evangelical Missionary Alliance, Germany
The Latin American Mission Movement is transitioning forward into to a new stage. The 2006 III Ibero American Mission Congress in Spain confirmed the legacy of wisdom and concern about crucial field realities. Worth Keeping comes to us at the perfect time to help us grapple with the critical issues related to retention and effective field ministry. This book presents a profound analysis as well as personal case studies and models that enable the emerging generations of missionaries to be more effective in global Gospel of Jesus Christ.
David D. Ruiz M., Former president of COMIBAM; WEA Mission Commission Associate Director, Guatemala
As usual the WEA MC has produced a very significant book. Worth Keeping is a must read for any missionary as well as church and missions leaders anywhere who long to see retention and success in mission fields. Our thanks to the WEA MC and the team behind this work. This book should be made available in many languages as soon as possible.
Younoussa Djao, Coordinator, Francophone Africa Regional Consultation (CRAF)/New Generations Intl, Cote d Ivoire
As the undercurrent continues to pull the Church into deeper water in the sea of short-term missions, Worth Keeping compels us to swim hard against it toward the shore of appropriate longer-term engagement. Appropriate can be a vague user-defined word. This study and analysis helps to bring clarity to missional preparation and implementation-for the sake of the senders, the sent ones, and the receivers.
Keith Sparzak, Director/Pastor of Global Outreach, Mars Hill Bible Church, USA

About the cover design:
Why the bin?
Are we suggesting that missionaries get thrown away-well yes we are: we recognize that when we do not identify and promote best practice we settle for second best and that may mean that people are lost unnecessarily!
Are we suggesting that we need to throw things away-well yes we are: we recognize that many of us are not currently following best practice, indeed we may not be certain of what best practice is, but if we choose to seek after it we must be prepared to discard some of our current, often long standing, practices!
The whole idea of Worth Keeping is to look for best practice in missionary retention. In this book, we present that best practice very positively and constructively, but we also seek to help you discern between bad and good. Indeed, going a stage further, we need the courage to choose to go for the best; rather than to simply accept what may already be okay, even good. May we have the courage to review, examine and reflect upon our current practice. Let us retain, refine and protect best practice where it already exists. But where it does not, let us fearlessly throw things away (discard less than best practice) So, that s why we chose a bin!
Worth Keeping: Global perspectives on best practice in missionary retention

Copyright 2007 by World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission
All rights reserved.
No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means-for example, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording-without prior written permission of the publisher.
All scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicated, are taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version. 1973, 1978, 1984 by the International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House.
Published by William Carey Library
1605 E. Elizabeth Street, Pasadena, California 91104
William Carey Library is a ministry of the U.S. Center for World Mission, Pasadena, California.
Digital Ebook Release BP 2013
ISBN: 978-0-87808-855-3
Library of Congress Cataloguing-in-Publication Data
Worth keeping : global perspectives on best practice in missionary retention / edited by Rob Hay [et al.] ; foreword by William D. Taylor.
p. cm.
Includes index.
ISBN 978-0-87808-515-6
1. Missions. 2. Missionaries. I. Hay, Rob.
BV2063.W67 2007
266.0068 3-dc22
Endorsements for Worth Keeping
Case Studies
Section A
Chapter 1: Worth Reading - The Blueprint
Chapter 2: ReMAP I
Chapter 3: ReMAP II Project Methodology
Section B
Chapter 4: Agency Size and Partnerships
Chapter 5: Education
Chapter 6: Selection
Chapter 7: Selection - Health and Psychological Assessment
Chapter 8: Selection - Calling and Tested Call in Previous Ministry
Chapter 9: Preparation Time
Chapter 10: Orientation and Continuous Training
Chapter 11: Spiritual Life
Chapter 12: Spiritual Life - Spiritual Warfare
Chapter 13: Personal Care
Chapter 14: Personal Care - Team Building and Functioning
Chapter 15: Personal Care - Conflict and Teams
Chapter 16: Member Care
Chapter 17: Organisational Values
Chapter 18: Organisational Values - Work/Life Balance
Chapter 19: Organisational Values - Organisational Development
Chapter 20: Organisational Values - Communication
Chapter 21: Leadership
Chapter 22: Leadership - Good/Toxic Leadership
Chapter 23: Staff Development
Chapter 24: Staff Development - Leadership Development and Mentoring
Chapter 25: Staff Development - Appraisal and Review
Chapter 26: Ministry
Chapter 27: Ministry - Ministry Outcomes
Chapter 28: Ministry - Individual/Agency Relationship
Chapter 29: Finances
Chapter 30: Finances - Sustained Financial Support
Chapter 31: Home Office
Chapter 32: Home Office - Church and Missions
Chapter 33: Home Office - Debrief and Re-entry
Section C
Chapter 34: Developing a Code of Best Practice
Chapter 35: The ReMAP II Questionnaire
Case Studies
Case Study Title, Author(s), Country
DMG - A model for partnerships in missions, Detlef Bl cher, Germany
Sending workers by teams, Bob Lopez and Bibien Limlingan, Philippines
Is higher education required for effective mission work?, Nathaniel Abimbola, Nigeria
Non-formal missiological training: does it work?, Duncan Olumbe, Kenya
Selection of mission applicants, Henkie Maritz, South

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