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CORONAVIRUS OR COVID-19 , livre ebook


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14 pages

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This book explains everything about the coronavirus from its origins to today, including containment and what is happening in the world, you will be knowledgeable about it. ...
It could also be an accident, in the P4 laboratory in Wuhan for example, where the epidemic began. Plausible too, but difficult to verify. The security measures in these laboratories handling microorganisms of "class 4", that is to say very pathogenic, are considered infallible. Blamed in particular by the United States, that of Wuhan has always defended itself. Animal origin in the Wuhan wildlife market, the very first lead mentioned at the start of the epidemic, is perhaps the most certain. Among the many arguments supporting this possibility, let us remember that 66% of the first 41 patients hospitalized in Wuhan had been exposed to the market. Researchers say this will not be about looking for the origin of the virus, but the origins, as there is growing evidence that the new coronavirus was "everywhere" before it appeared in China. month of december.As a reminder, indeed, before the Barcelona case, the Higher Institute of Health (ISS) had also detected traces of Covid-19 in the wastewater of Milan and Turin before the census of the first patient in the country. And traces of Covid-19 were also found in Brazil long before the discovery of the virus in China.



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Date de parution 04 septembre 2020
Nombre de lectures 14
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1.     - The origin of the coronavirus
2.     - Coronavirus watch out for poisoning
3.     - The virus
4.     - Symptoms
5.     - What to do in case of symptoms
6.     - Containment and deconfinement
7.     - In the world
8.     - Reminder of barrier gestures
9.     - Conclusion
1.     - The origin of the coronavirus:
Where does this virus come from?
The scientific community has not yet decided the question.
A strong genetic relationship between SARS-CoV-2 and coronaviruses collected from bats has been observed.
But this does not explain everything: specialists believe that an intermediate host transmitted it to humans, as is often the case. For SARS and MERS, for example, civet and dromedary were identified as intermediate carriers, respectively.
A posteriori, scientists understood that bats of the genus Rhinolophus were at the origin of the virus and that the palm civet, a small carnivore widely sold in the markets and consumed by many Chinese, had undoubtedly served as a host intermediate between bats and the first human cases.
Since then, many Betacoronaviruses have been discovered, in bats but also in men. Recently, the RaTG13 virus, isolated from a bat of the species Rhinolophus affinis which comes from the Chinese province of Yunana, was described as 96% similar to SARS-CoV2.
This, bats would be a reservoir for the SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 viruses.
It is so important to find the origin of the coronavirus responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic, it is because this way, future health crises could be avoided.
And precisely, an international team of researchers is announcing today that the virus line from which SARS-CoV-2 has been circulating in bats for at least 40 years.
However, in early February, scientists revealed that a virus even closer (99%) to SARS-CoV-2 had been identified in pangolin. However, according to an even more recent study, currently being appraised, the situation would be more complex than that.
According to this new research, the genome of the coronavirus isolated from the Malaysian pangolin is actually only 90% similar to SARS-Cov-2. It would therefore not be responsible for the current epidemic.
Chinese virologist Shi Zhengli, made famous for her work on bat viruses, revisited conspiracy theories that claim the coronavirus responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic escaped from the Institute of Virology in Wuhan (China) where she works. Refuting these theories with force and conviction, she recalled that the search for the origin of a virus is a most difficult scientific task.
The origin has given rise to a lot of hazardous statements, lies and untruths. Here again, there is little certainty and even less consensus.
Chinese researchers accused Spain of being at the origin of the epidemic because traces of Sars-Cov-2 were found in the wastewater of Barcelona.
Globally, two theses clash: that of a natural origin and that of a human origin.

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