Everyday Ruptures
241 pages

Everyday Ruptures


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241 pages
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When people--whether children, youth, or adults--migrate, that migration is often perceived as a rupture, with people separated by great distances and for extended periods of time. But for migrants and those affected by migration, the everyday persists, and migration itself may be critical to the continuation of social life. Everyday Ruptures illuminates the wide-ranging continuities and disruptions in the experiences of children around the world, those who participate in and those who are affected by migration.

The book is organized around four themes:
• how children's agency is affected by institutions, families, and beliefs
• how families and individuals create and maintain kin ties in conditions of rupture
• how emotion and affect are linked to global divisions and flows
• how the actions of states create ruptures and continuities



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Everyday Ruptures Children, Youth, and Migration in Global Perspective
Edited byCati Coe, Rachel R. Reynolds, Deborah A. Boehm, Julia Meredith Hess, and Heather RaeEspinoza
Everyday Ruptures
Everyday Ruptures
Children, Youth, and Migration in Global Perspective
Edited by Cati Coe, Rachel R. Reynolds, Deborah A. Boehm, Julia Meredith Hess, and Heather RaeEspinoza
Vanderbilt University Press Nasvîe
© 2011 by Vanderbî Unîversîy Press Nasvîe, Tennessee 37235 A rîgs reserved Fîrs prînîng 2011
hîs book îs prîned on acîd-ree paper made rom 30% pos-consumer recyced conen. Manuacured în e Unîed Saes o Amerîca
îbrary o Congress Caaogîng-în-Pubîcaîon Daa
Everyday rupures : cîdren, you, and mîgraîon în goba perspecîve / edîed by Caî Coe . . . [e a.]. p. cm. ïncudes bîbîograpîca reerences and îndex. ïSBN 978-0-8265-1747-0 (co edîîon : ak. paper) ïSBN 978-0-8265-1748-7 (pbk. edîîon : ak. paper) 1. Emîgraîon and îmmîgraîon—Socîa aspecs. 2. ïmmîgran cîdren. 3. Transnaîonaîsm—Socîa aspecs. ï. Coe, Caî. JV6225.E94 2010 304.8—dc22 2010028349
Introduction: Children, Youth, and the Everyday Ruptures of Migration Debora A. Boem, Juîa Meredî Hess, Caî Coe, Heaer Rae-Espînoza, and Race R. Reynods
Part I. Child Agency/Adult Power: Negotiating Movement and New Identities
Children’s Agency in Family Migration Decision Making in Britain Naomî Tyrre
“For Tibet”: Youth, Hip-Hop, and Transforming the Tibetan Global Imaginary Juîa Meredî Hess
Part II. Social Reproduction: Family and Kinship across Borders and Generations
Transnational Fosterage: The Novel Care Arrangements between Guinean Caregivers and Ivorian and Liberian Children Fleeing War Susan Seper
Modes of Transnational Relatedness: Caribbean Migrants’ Networks of Child Care and Ritual Kinship Maarî Forde
Part III. The Circulation o Afect: Emotion, Children, and Global Flows
How Children Feel about Their Parents’ Migration: A History of the Reciprocity of Care in Ghana Caî Coe
The Children of Émigrés in Ecuador: Narratives of Cultural Reproduction and Emotion in Transnational Social Fields Heaer Rae-Espînoza
Part IV. Status and the State: State Power, Migrant Responses, and Constructions o Childhood
Schooling and the Everyday Ruptures Transnational Children Encounter in the United States and Mexico Edmund T. Hamann and Vícor Zúñîga
Here/Not Here: Contingent Citizenship and Transnational Mexican Children Debora A. Boem
The Transnationally Affected: Spanish State Policies and the Life-Course Events of Families in North Africa Núrîa Empez Vîda
Notes Bibliography Contributors Index
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hîs book comes ou o a January 2008 worksop ed by e Workîng Group on Cîdood and Mîgraîon în New York Cîy unded by e Wenner-Gren Foundaîon or Anropoogîca Researc. We are graeu o a e parîcîpans în e worksop or epîng us deveop e îdeas expressed ere, e Wenner-Gren Foundaîon or îs suppor, and Unîon heoogîca Semînary or conerence space. As e worksop papers de-veoped îno an edîed voume, e enusîasm o Mîcae Ames a Van-derbî Unîversîy Press pused îs projec aong. Two anonymous re-vîewers deveoped e capers urer wî eîr generous advîce and suggesîons. Specîa anks o Vaerîe Royba or creaîng e arwork on e book’s cover.  As anropoogîss, we were eac used o workîng în îsoaîon rom our coeagues, and so coaboraîng on a projec oive peopeseemed a bî daunîng. And ye î e îno pace rom e sar: a e end o e worksop, some e moved în one dîrecîon and some în anoer, suc a e dîvîsîon o asks was cear and easy. From a momen on, e process was smoo and armonîous, o our surprîse and deîg, as we sared drats o e ïnroducîon back and or or spen ong ours on conerence cas; e voume represens e work o us a. So, as bu by no means eas, we are aso deepy graeu o eac oer—or e respec, ceeruness, persîsence, Lexîbîîy, and îneecua serîousness wî wîc we ave eac engaged în îs joîn endeavor.
Children, Youth, and the Everyday Ruptures of Migration
Deborah A. Boehm, Julia Meredith Hess, Cati Coe, Heather RaeEspinoza, and Rachel R. Reynolds
Mîgraîon and movemen across muîpe borders caracerîze e cur-ren goba momen. As peope move abou e gobe, conînuîy and cange are înerwîned, resuîng în wa we undersand o be “everyday rupures.” Mîgraîon îs înereny caracerîzed by rupure—a break, cange, dîsance, dîvîsîon—and î necessarîy încudes e everyday: even în, durîng, or peraps because o cases o acue dîsrupîon, socîa îe persîss. Paradoxîcay, rupure îs oten sîuaed wîîn or occurs aongsîde e mundane; în some cîrcumsances î may even be anîma-îng, sîmuaîng e îmagînaîon or cangîng e course o a îe (Kerrî-gan 2008, 2). he eme o “everyday rupures,” en, capures e seem-îngy conradîcory processes saped by, on e one and, dîsjuncures and breaks and, on e oer, e consîsency a accompanîes everyday îe. he capers în îs voume pay aenîon o bo ese dynamîcs— rupure and e everyday—and ofer e enograpy o îved experîence as evîdence o e ways dîsrupîon and daîy îe work în andem.  We consîder e persîsen and înerruped socîa abrîc o mîgraîon roug a specîIc ocus on ose wo are oten a îs nexus o rupure and e everyday—cîdren and you. Curren researc demonsraes ow young peope are e “makers and breakers” o socîey wo “sake and sape socîey bu are aso saped and saken by î” (Honwana and De Boeck 2005, 3). Weer “a e crossroads” (Hess and Sandy 2008) or “caug în e crossIre” (Grossberg 2005), young peope are a e cener o myrîad socîa, cuura, poîîca, and economîc processes. Jen-
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