Improve Mental Performance: 7 Top Tips & Tools To Stop Overworking Your Brain Now
21 pages

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Improve Mental Performance: 7 Top Tips & Tools To Stop Overworking Your Brain Now , livre ebook


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21 pages

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When many people think of mental performance they simply focus on the level of intelligence that an individual can have. Little or no focus is placed on how the brain can be kept working at optimum capacity. "Improve Mental Performance: 7 Top Tips & Tools To Stop Overworking Your Brain Now" can help to explain all of this. The main point that is expounded upon is the fact that many individuals tend to spend a lot of time stressing on the amount of work that they have to get through and on finding the solution to do so. By the time they get through all of that the brain is, overworked, tired and will simply shut down and they find that they can do no more. Through the use of this text quite a number of viable solutions can be found and implemented to make the process that much simpler.



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Date de parution 29 juin 2013
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ImproveMental Performance: 7 Top Tips & Tools To Stop Overworking Your Brain Now
Methodsto Improve Mental Performance Without Increasing Stress Levels
By:Jason Scotts
Tableof Contents
Publishers Notes
Chapter 1 - Why is it Important to Improve Mental Performance?
Chapter 2 - How to Start Improving Mental Performance
Chapter 3 - Getting Rid of Bad Habits to Improve Mental Performance
Chapter 4 - How Certain Medications Help Improve Mental Performance
Chapter 5 - How Supplements Help Improve Mental Performance
Chapter 6 - The Role a Balanced Diet Plays in Improving Mental Performance
Chapter 7 - Why Exercise Helps with Mental Performance
Chapter 8 - Keeping It All under Control to Improve Mental Performance
About The Author
Publishers Notes
This publicationis intended to provide helpful and informative material. It is not intended todiagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health problem or condition, nor isintended to replace the advice of a physician. No action should be taken solelyon the contents of this book. Always consult your physician or qualifiedhealth-care professional on any matters regarding your health and beforeadopting any suggestions in this book or drawing inferences from it.
The author andpublisher specifically disclaim all responsibility for any liability, loss orrisk, personal or otherwise, which is incurred as a consequence, directly orindirectly, from the use or application of any contents of this book.
Any and allproduct names referenced within this book are the trademarks of theirrespective owners. None of these owners have sponsored, authorized, endorsed,or approved this book.
Always read allinformation provided by the manufacturers’ product labels before using theirproducts. The author and publisher are not responsible for claims made bymanufacturers.
© 2013
Manufactured inthe United States of America
This book isdedicated to my parents who have and continue to support me.
Chapter 1- Why is it Important to Improve Mental Performance?
There are many reasons why youshould strive to improve your mental performance. Doing so can make your lifeeasier, save you time, and reduce stress. As you start to understand the manyreasons why you should work on this, it will motivate you to create a game planfor action!

Save Time
We all have the same amount of timein any given day to get our tasks accomplished. Yet a common complaint is thatwe don’t have enough time. When you are able to perform better mentally youwill save time. Tasks can be completed with fewer mistakes and with less ofyour time invested in them. This will allow you to have more free time and toenjoy life to the fullest.
Reduce Stress
When you feel like you mentalprocesses are not up to par, it can be frustrating. That can lead to even morestress. As you get stressed you may find that you take longer to complete tasksand that you make errors. Those mistakes can be time consuming to fix and theycan also come with some serious financial repercussions if you aren’t careful.
Feel Confident about Decisions
It isn’t any fun to be secondguessing what you have decided to do. That includes common daily decisions andthose very important ones. When your mental performance is at its peak you canthink logically and work through your emotions. Then you will feel confidentabout the decisions you have to make both personally and professionally.
Communication Improves
Misconceptions, misunderstandings,and assumptions can all have a very negative impact on us. Your communicationskills will improve when you have the best mental abilities in place. Thisincludes your ability to explain to others, your ability to articulate what youwish to share, and even your listening skills. You will find that life is awhole lot easier when you have better communication skills in place.
Excel at Work
There can be plenty of changes atwork on a regular basis, and if you aren’t mentally ready for them they aregoing to hold you back. You may feel like there are too many challenges for youto keep up with. By keeping your mind alert and focused though you can excel atwork. You will have the ability to learn new methods and to also share ideasyou may have come up with to do your job better than before.
Remember More
Your memory has two areas – shortterm and long term.

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