Minds of Our Own
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This book of personal essays by over forty women and men who founded women’s studies in Canada and Québec explores feminist activism on campus in the pivotal decade of 1966-76. The essays document the emergence of women’s studies as a new way of understanding women, men, and society, and they challenge some current preconceptions about “second wave” feminist academics.

The contributors explain how the intellectual and political revolution begun by small groups of academics—often young, untenured women—at universities across Canada contributed to social progress and profoundly affected the way we think, speak, behave, understand equality, and conceptualize the academy and an academic career. A contextualizing essay documents the social, economic, political, and educational climate of the time, and a concluding chapter highlights the essays’ recurring themes and assesses the intellectual and social transformation that their authors helped set in motion.

The essays document the appalling sexism and racism some women encounter in seeking admission to doctoral studies, in hiring, in pay, and in establishing the legitimacy of feminist perspectives in the academy. They reveal sources of resistance, too, not only from colleagues and administrators but from family members and from within the self. In so doing they provide inspiring examples of sisterly support and lifelong friendship.



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Minds of Our Own
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MINDS OF OUR OWN Inventing Feminist Scholarship and Women’s Studies in Canada and Québec,1966–76
edited by Wendy Robbins, Meg Luxton, Margrit Eichler, Francine Descarries
We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Book Publishing Industry Development Program for our publishing activities.
The editors wish gratefully to acknowledge the assistance of the Social Sciences and Human-ities Research Council of Canada. AsshrcStrategic Research Grant, made under the for-mer Women and Change Program, facilitated a portion of the work on this book, as did monies from the Department of English, Faculty of Arts (Busteed Foundation), and Vice-President Research at the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton.
Proceeds from all royalties will go to support the work of advancing women’s equality—with men, and with one another—through donation to an equity-seeking group such as the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women/Institute canadien de recherches sur les femmes (criaw/icref), or to projects reclaiming the history of the recent women’s movement.
Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication
Minds of our own : inventing feminist scholarship and women’s studies in Canada and Quebec,1966–76/ Wendy Robbins … [et al.], editors.
Includes bibliographical references and index. isbn 978-1-55458-037-8
1. Women’s studies—Canada—History.2. Women scholars—Canada—History. 3. Feminism and education—Canada.4. Discrimination in higher education—Canada. i. Robbins, Wendy,1948
hq1453.m56 2008
Cover image:Promethean Dreams(2005), handwoven tapestry,16.5" × 21", by Linda Wallace, from the collection of the artist. Cover design by David Drummond. Text design by C. Bonas-Taylor. ©2008Wendy Robbins, Meg Luxton, Margrit Eichler, and Francine Descarries. “Women’s Studies and the Trajectory of Women in Academe,” by Annette Kolodny, copyright © in USA2007by Annette Kolodny. All rights reserved.
The poem “you fit into me” fromPower Politicscopyright ©1971Margaret Atwood. Repro-duced with the permission of House of Anansi Press.
This book is printed on Ancient Forest Friendly paper (100% post-consumer recycled).
Printed in Canada
Every reasonable effort has been made to acquire permission for copyright material used in this text, and to acknowledge all such indebtedness accurately. Any errors and omissions called to the publisher’s attention will be corrected in future printings.
No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior written consent of the publisher or a licence from The Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency (Access Copyright). For an Access Copy-right licence, visit www.accesscopyright.ca or call toll free to1-800-893-5777.
Published by Wilfrid Laurier University Press Waterloo, Ontario, Canada www.wlupress.wlu.ca
CHANGING TIMES1 Women’s Organizations (before1960)2 Women’s Changing Social Position3 The Women’s Movement of the1960s and1970s12 Women in Post-Secondary Education24 Feminist Scholarship and Women’s Studies27
ESSAYS Clara ThomasCreating a Tradition of Canadian Women Writers and Feminist Literary Criticism43 Marguerite AndersenMother Was Not a Person, So I Became a Feminist51 Helen Levine with Faith SchneiderFanning Fires: Women’s Studies in a School of Social Work54 Marie-Andrée BertrandFeminism: A Critical Theory of Knowledge61 Dorothy E. SmithWomen’s Studies: A Personal Story68 Anita CaronContributing to the Establishment of Women’s Studies and Gender Relations74 Jill Ker Conway and Natalie Zemon DavisFeminism and a Scholarly Friendship78 Margaret GillettMidwife to the Birth of Women’s Studies at McGill89 Maïr VerthuyHow the Simone de Beauvoir Institute of Concordia University Grew from Unlikely Beginnings95
Alison PrenticeMoments in the Making of a Feminist Historian99 Micheline DumontDoing Feminist Studies Without Knowing It106 Frieda Johles FormanA Matrix of Creativity114 Deborah GorhamTransforming the Academy and the World120 Leslie MarshallReminiscences of a Male Supporter of the Movement Towards Women’s Liberation and Social Equality126 Greta Hofmann NemiroffYou Just Had to Be There132 Sandra PykeThe Second Wave: A Personal Voyage142 Vanaja DhruvarajanA Lifetime of Struggles to Belong148 Nadia Fahmy-EidOnce Upon a Time There Was the Feminist Movement … and Then There Was Feminist Studies155 Rosalind Sydie, Patricia Prestwich, and Dallas CullenWomen’s Studies at the University of Alberta163 Annette KolodnyWomen’s Studies and the Trajectory of Women in Academe170 Andrea Lebowitz, Honoree Newcombe, and Meredith M. KimballWomen’s Studies at Simon Fraser University,1966–76: A Dialogue178 Linda Christiansen-RuffmanNascent, Incipient, Embryonic, and Ceremonial Women’s Studies188 Margrit EichlerTo Challenge the World196 Danielle JuteauFrom Male and Female Roles to Sex and Gender Relations: A Scientific and Political Trajectory203 Lorna MarsdenSecond Wave Breaks on the Shore of U of T210 Jill VickersSurviving Political Science … and Loving It217 Kay ArmatageBlood on the Chapel Floor: Adventures in Women’s Studies226 Donna E. SmythGenesis of a Journal233 Marylee StephensonThe Saga237 Meredith M. KimballComing of Age with Women’s Studies243 Pat ArmstrongDoing Women’s Studies250 Joan McFarlandPioneer in Feminist Political Economy: Overcoming the Disjuncture256 Terry CrowleyWomen’s Studies at Guelph261 Meg LuxtonWomen’s Studies: Oppression and Liberation in the University268 Susan SherwinReflections on Teaching and Writing Feminist Philosophy in the1970s275
Maureen BakerFrom Marginalized to “Establishment”: Doing Feminist Sociology in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand282 Wendy Robbins“To Ring True and Stand for Something”289 Linda BriskinSocialist Feminist and Activist Educator297 Christine OverallMy Path to Feminist Philosophy,1970–76 304 Ceta RamkhalawansinghWomen’s Sight: Looking Backwards into Women’s Studies in Toronto311
PERSONAL AND INTELLECTUAL REVOLUTIONS: SOME REFLECTIONS319 The Patriarchal Context320 Countervailing Social Movements326 Intersections of Gender, Racialization, Class, and Sexual Orientation327 Inventing a New Scholarship and New Structures330 Disciplinarity and/or Interdisciplinarity333 Student–Teacher Relations334 Personal Impacts335 Interesting Times335
APPENDICES Appendix A: Alphabetical List of Authors341 Appendix B: List of Authors by Discipline342
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LIKE WOMEN’S STUDIES,this book has multiple origins and includes many voices. It is the result of the confluence of three research streams spring-ing from a common source: a passionate commitment to documenting women’s lives and the development of feminism across Canada, and to ensur-ing that the historical record includes as many perspectives as possible. The book brings together three distinct projects. Wendy Robbins, at her home, at the University of New Brunswick (unb), and nationally in the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences (cfhss), was closely monitoring the situation of women in Canadian universities and was actively involved in various campaigns to improve women’s status. She readThe Politics of Women’s Studies: Testimony from30Founding Mothers (2000), a collection of autobiographical essays edited by Florence Howe; the American collection, she recognized, “might serve as a wake-up call to founding mothers of Women’s Studies programs across Canada, for our sto-ries, too, are in need of integration, analysis, and articulation” (Robbins 2001). Her commitment to this project was confirmed at the annual meet-ing of coordinators of women’s studies at Dalhousie University in the spring of2002, where the notion of creating a comparable Canadian collection was generally welcomed as an excellent idea. By then, Wendy had started to supervise an undergraduate student atunb, Laurie McLaughlan, in the com-pilation of “A Chronology of the Development of Women’s Studies in Canada,” which they posted on thepar-lwebsite for comments and correc-tions.Entries were written in either English or French, and many of the
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