New Kamasutra
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202 pages

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Sex is the subject of universal interest. 'New Kamasutra: Sex Management Guide' leads you in the most exciting and promising zone of the oldest pleasure technique with fresh ideas, recent studies, and latest technology, which we call "e;sex-the ecstasy"e;.



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Sex Management Guide

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By - Dr. Rajeev Sharma
This site is dedicated to Lord Shiva who is worshipped in India as the God of Kama. Kamadev is supposed to be incarnation of Lord Shiva, who is the supreme power of Love, Romance and Sex.
“Kamasutra” is a book of different principles, relating to the techniques of romance, love and sex - just to provide us perfection in this science and art of immense pleasure. It was first of all written by Maharshi Vatsyayan in Sanskrit language and then was translated and published by many publishers in English. After its publication in English, it became popular throughout the world.
The original Kamasutra was written centuries ago. From that era to the present time, tremendous changes have taken place in different spheres of science and art. Though we are intercoursing (sexual) in the same way, i.e. by inserting the penis into the vagina or with a mentality just to fuck the body, this is not a perfect sex act. With the time, we have come to know that sex is the chemistry of love and children are products of this action.
There are several new studies, researches and inventions as well as gizmos and techniques in the sphere of sex, which can lead us to more pleasure and better domestic harmony. This treatise includes all these. Here is ‘New Kamasutra’’ for you!
Studies show that most of the Indian and Asian men do not know the proper way of kissing - the first step in performing sex. Recently a US based research is published in different newspapers as women are not only satisfied by ‘complete sex’, but they require sympathy, good behaviour and better understanding with the male partners, by which only they can lead a better sexual life. Moreover, nowadays there are several techniques, procedures, medicines to cure male sexual problems like impotency, early ejaculation and to cure female’s problems like frigidity etc.
So, this “New Kamasutra” leads you in the most exciting and promising zone of the oldest pleasure technique with fresh ideas, recent studies and latest technology, which we call “Sex-The Ecstasy”. Sex is a science as well as an art too. Here I have tried to provide you all the details in the same regard as science is for the mind and art is for the heart and sex is the pleasure of both mind and heart, and then only it is perfect.
Welcome to the world of romance, love and sex…
– Dr. Rajeev Sharma M.D.,D. Lit. 320-322, Teacher’s Colony, Bulandshahr-203001(U.P.)
Dr. Rajeev Sharma is an eminent consultant of homoeopathy, yoga, naturopathy and alternative medicine and sex medicine in India. He has written more than two hundred and twenty-five books in Hindi and English and around one thousand articles, which have been published in various newspapers and magazines. He is also an editorial board member of the Asian Homoeopathic Journal besides many other newspapers and magazines.
Dr. Rajeev Sharma is medical advisor to Ralson Remedies (a homoeopathic manufacturer), medical examiner at the Life Insurance Corporation of India and medical officer in the U.P. Government. He has received several prizes for his outstanding achievements. He has been awarded the Best Author prize in Hindi by the Ministry of Home and Health and Family Welfare. He has also been awarded “Sarjana Award” by U.P. Hindi Sansthan, Lucknow.
He has delivered talks on All India Radio and lectures on alternative medicine in various government and non-government organizations.
Dr. Rajeev Sharma is also a social activist. He has worked a lot against addiction and prevention of AIDS. Nowadays, he is working to check the population growth of India with an NGO called ‘Nav Chetna Manch’. He has worked for pollution control and human rights too and has received the World Human Rights Promotion Award.
CONTENTS Sex Organs Sex Hormones Male Sexuality Female Sexuality Love by Outward Signs Biting and the Means to be Employed with Regard to Women The Various Modes of Striking and the Sounds Appropriate to Them Different Kinds of Congress & Love Quarrels (Including Mouth Congress & Q-A on Different Kinds of Congress) Different charming postures About Woman and Acting the Part of a Man and Vice Versa Male-Female Orgasmic Response (Including Q & A on Orgasm and Foreplay) Change in Sexual Relationship (Including Divorce & Q-A on Fantasy & Variety) Different Disorders & Sexual Life Impotency - Causes and Allopathic Medicines Choicest Medicines, Aphrodisias and Other Methods to Enhance Sexual Potency (Including Sex Therapy, Sex as Relaxant, Sound-Therapy & Feng-Shui) Q-A on Sexual Enhancers Power Booster Nutrients for Men Yoga for Prolonged Sex (Including Walking) Sexual Energy Massage Prevent the Sexual Energy Learning Ejaculatory Control — The Squeeze Techniques Conception & Contraception (Including Q-A) Men’s Health Bald-O-Meter (Including Inner Beauty & Hobbies in Females) Attitude towards Self-Love, Confidence, Body Language and Controlling Mind Tips for Long Life Successful Men & Women Beauty Aids from Kitchen Your Forecast and Birth Stones (Love Stones) Art Of Flirting New Age Demands Charts Of New Statistics How to Kiss? When Sex Is A Pain? Tips to Love a Man Post Coitol Pleasure Q-A: Make Sex Hotter Sex Dictionary A-Z of Male Psyche Intrinsa-Viagra for Women
Sex is an act performed emotionally and physically. Sex organs play an important role. Here is the description of sex organs-
Male Organs
The sex organs of a male are quite complicated form of a reproductive system. They produce semen, store it and release into the woman’s vagina at the time of ejaculation. Procreation, therefore, is the result of the union of the sperm cell and the ovum.
The male organs comprise of the two testes or testicles hung side by side in a sac called the scrotum, behind the penis in its relaxed state. The testes are oval in shape and about an inch long and wide and have two different functions. They are made up of a series of lobes composed of minute tubules in which the sperm cells or the spermatozoa are formed and liberated. The internal secretion of sex hormones which create sex impulses and cause the essential male characteristics in the individual and play its role with the other secretory glands in sustaining the normal functioning of the body are achieved by it. In case this function is impaired before puberty, the development of the individual becomes seriously altered in form, temperament and impulses. Since it is directly absorbed into the blood, these secretions are termed as internal secretions.
In the seminal discharge the male sperms formed in the testes are the vital elements because these sperms have the power of fertilising the egg of the woman to conceive a new life. These highly vitalized cells consist of a head, neck and long tail. It is in this head that the nucleus is contained which transmits the hereditary characteristics of the individual. Having the power of independent motion these sperms propel themselves in the liquid secretion in which it floats, it requires an hour or more for the sperm to reach the cavity of the uterus and a few hours to gain the oviduct or the tube where it fertilises an ovum (egg). When the released female egg encounters one male sperm or spermatozoon it penetrates the cell wall of the egg in a complex series of rearrangement of both cells, known as fertilisation. Though in single male orgasm about 200 to 500 million sperms are discharged, only one is able to reach the walls of the cell. The remaining cells are cast out along with the other residues of the physiological process. The spermatozoa are being slowly formed and released in the testicles all the time.
Epididymis and Vas Deferens
Each of the cluste of convoluted tubes in the lobes of the testes in which the sperm cells are formed merges into a single tube and the resulting mass of tubes in turn forms a complex network which constitutes a large annexe to the body of the testes. It is known as epididymis. The network of the tubes of epididymis unite in turn to form the seminal duct or vas deferens. From the epididymis each seminal duct passes upwards in the scrotal sac and enters the pelvis cavity where it continues its upward course, then curves forward and downward to enter the urethra which conducts the urine from the bladder.
Seminal Vesicles
The vas, issuing from each testes, takes a round of the bladder and then empties into the seminal vesicles. These vesicles are two small pouches situated just behind the urinary bladder. The function of seminal vesicles is to store the semen and secrete a gelatinus substance which by mixing with the sperm thickens the semen and increases its volume. The secretion also provides nourishment and strength to sperms.
Since these testes and seminal vesicles are always secreting and manufacturing semen, sometimes the vesicles are filled to capacity and nature empties them in the form of nocturnal emissions as is in the process of orgasm. The phenomenon is usually accompanied by erotic dreams and pleasurable sex feelings of an orgasm.
It is a mistaken belief of old theories that nocturnal emissions or wet dreams are a sign of weakness. These are natural, harmless occurrence to be expected in most normal men, particularly between the ages of fourteen and thirty-five. There is nothing to worry about. Untold mental torture and unnecessary expense had been caused to millions of men through the misrepresentation of quacks and ignorance of men in these matters.
Seminal emissions vary greatly in frequency of occurrence from men to men and in the same man at different times. Normally

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