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146 pages

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For dads who are excited to be involved with their new baby, but might not quite know where to start, Show Dad How is an ideal resource. From practical to playful, 156 awesome things every new father needs to know--one step at a time. In a series of nearly wordless, highly informative, often hilariously illustrated, step-by-step activities, dads-to-be learn how to do dozens of useful (and fascinating and important and sometimes surprisingly fun) tasks



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Date de parution 17 mai 2011
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Langue English
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be a superdad duri ng labor learn t he phases of labor under stand vaginal bir th unders tand a c-section deliver a baby in the subway engage in an elevator deliver y make a musical entrance go f or a game-sho w bir th deliver duri ng the apocalypse decipher newbor n mar kings mar v el at newborn tricks announce the news by air make a halftime proclamation toast to your new bab y
inform the neighborhood keep visits shor t and sweet introduce baby to pets hold a baby swaddle a baby identify bab y per sonalities read bab y’ s cues hang with a hipster dad spot a ner v ous dad chill with an eco dad play with a big-kid dad be good to mom give mom a break use a phone to be a better dad
44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57
58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71
know yo u’r e ready prepare to impregnate get in position to conceive try for a boy tr y f or a gir l comprehend conception identify the signs of pregnancy receive the news sur viv e couvade syndrome demystify y our bra in be a superdad expect body changes read a sonogra m track baby development make a 40-week plan power thro ugh the mark et help curb crav ings enjoy some alone time together ser v e a mocktail book a babymoon draw her a bath select an aphrodisiac
do it while pregnant write a daddy bucket list stencil with style prep the nurs er y make wooden b locks make a mobile light up the n ur ser y baby-proof a home announce the news create a baby bl og pick a stroller or carr ier customize yo ur car name your bab y find a pediatri cian make your baby stand out create a custom iron-on connect with unborn baby spot the approach of labor dress for the hospital pack for the hospital make a delive ry plan
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43
baby care
pregnancy planning
fun and games
stimulate baby ’s development help baby cra wl encourage w alking make baby laugh play peekaboo stimulate ear ly vision tackle tummy time shape up with a sit-up practic e the rollov er execute an elbo w stand work out the wheelbarr ow enjoy a daddy pla ydate suit up for the play ground build language skills teach baby sign language
play airp lane make time for ticktock make household items fun hang out with baby conquer a ninja obstacle cours e obser ve movem ent milestones take a spri ng stroll have f un in the summer sun fall into autumn adventure go for a winter wander ser v e green eggs and ham go on an animal cra cker safari snack on a pita pizza create fun gelatin shapes mold some mud pies
114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128
129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143
72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85
86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99
rig a pho ne as a baby monitor use your phone to escape offer nurs ing suppor t minimize spit-ups burp a baby mix formu la the ri ght way store and thaw breast milk bottle-feed y our bab y deal with a diaper change decipher bab y’ s poo stock your diaper bag handle diaper disasters use baby stuff in ev er yd ay life sponge-bathe a newbor n
bathe a baby clip nails safel y prevent diaper ra sh dress a baby remove stubborn stains soup up your stroller stock the tru nk trav el by plane distrac t baby at the store enter tain bab y in an audience keep baby c alm in a long line put baby to wo rk at the office fake a clean house make a baby mop
100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113
fake a fantastic dinner dine out with baby deal with a fussy eater soothe a cr ying bab y troub leshoot an infant’ s sleep set a bedtime routine fake it through the day get fit anywhere love t he stroller lunge pr actice peekaboo cr unches build yo ur biceps with baby twist with your toddler reimagine romance get back to doing it
144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156
build a sand castle make bathtime fun paint in the snow paint with baby fo od grow and learn with bubb les create a cra ft stick puzzle build box cars and more make your o wn book read a book together in v ent a fair y tale make shadow puppets build a time capsule draw a treasure map
I am a father, and that means nothing. I am a dad, and that means everything. Anyone can be a father, and anyone has for about 50,000 years (fertility is the only requirement). But being a dad requires a much higher level of perseverance, dedication, and excellence. There are musicians, and there are stars. There are soldiers, and there are warriors. There are fathers, and there are dads.
Darth Vader said, “Luke, I am your father.” He didn’t say, “Luke, I am your dad.”
To help convert more fathers to dads, I created a
book specifically for us. Why? Because moms and dads come into the parenting process in completely different ways. The mother-baby connection begins long before the water breaks. Mom makes conscious diet and lifestyle decisions during the conception and gestation periods. For Dad, the connection largely begins in the delivery room. In other words, when the baby is born, Dad is on Day 1, and Mom is on Day 462.
a note from shawn
power thr ough the mark et
deliver a bab y in the subwa y
write a dad dy buck et list
Because Dad is on his own journey, he needs his own guidebook—but not one of those parenting tomes with hundreds of pages of tiny type.
And so Show Dad How , packed with easy- to-follow , step-by-step illustra tions, was born .
(Natural deliver y , by the way . No epidura l or c-section needed.)
This is the book I wish I had when my firs t kid was born . Y o u no longer hav e to wo rry about what your wif e can eat when she’ s pregnant (#16), what it tak es to bab y-proof a home (#30), or what to pack f or the hospital (#42). But this book goes well bey ond the basics. D o you kno w how t o rig a p hone as a baby monitor? We can help (#72). W ish you had a color char t for your baby’ s p oops? We thought you’ d never ask (#81). Is she going into labor on the subwa y? W e can help with that too (#48). F rom mixing formu la (#77) to making a daddy bucket list (#24), Show Dad How has you co vered .
My gr andfather didn’t go to the hospital dur ing m y father’ s deliv er y . My father sat in the waiting room when I was bor n. I held my wife ’s leg as my sons, Jackson and Ta nner , came into the worl d. T he modern dad is still evolving, and needs inform ation and enlightenment to keep doing so. T hink of Show Dad How as an illustra ted instru ction manual for the second most impor t ant job in the histor y of mankind.
mix formula the right wa y
rig a phone as a baby monitor
Go o n s afa r i.
Add a nimal c r acker s.
S t r ap b aby i n.
A r r ange f inger f oods.
go on an animal cr acker safa r i
Pour into ungr eased pan.
R efr iger ate u ntil s et.
Cut and r emove shapes. Eat and enjoy.
Mix juice and gelatin. Heat addi tional juice. Combine juices. S tir until gelatin dissolves.
Ba ke, slice, and ser ve.
Get sill y wi th toppings.
Spr inkle on cheese.
Spr ead s auce o n p i t as.
cr eate fun gelatin shapes
snack on a pi t a pizza
ser ve gr een eggs and ham
Ser ve wi th chopped ham.
Cook t hor oug hl y.
Add g r eens; s cr amble.
Mix eggs wi th food color ing.
3 hr
1 c (240 ml) juice

2 packets gelatin
1 c (240 ml) juice
remove stubborn stains
how to use this book
In the pages that follow , vir t ually eve ry piece of essential infor m ation is presented gr aphicall y . In most cases the pictures do , indeed, tell the whole stor y . In some cases though, y ou’ll need a little extr a inf or mation to get it done r ight. Here’ s ho w w e present those facts.
MEASUREMENTS When measurements matter, find them right in the box.
1 c (240 ml)
3 ft (1 m)
ZOOMS These little circles zoom in on a step’s important details, or depict the step’s crucial “don’ts.”
ICON GUIDE Throughout the book, handy icons sho w y ou just ho w it’ s done . Here are the icons y ou’ll encounter .
Check out the timer to lear n how much time a relatively short task takes.
2–3 min
SAFETY NO TE S W hen doing the ac t ivities in this book, always tak e care to ensure that you and y our child are saf e. Keep these guidelines in mind:
• During and after pregnancy, Mom should consult a physician before attempting any activity involving physical exer tion, or whenever her condition could impair or limit her ability to engage in an activity. Stay conscious of her limits and help out with strenuous tasks.
• Do not leave your child unattended, even for a brief moment, during any activity. Be particularly cautious when participating in any activity involving water because of the risk of drowning.
• Keep small items, such as coins and candy, out of baby’s reach. Any item smaller than 1¾ inches (4.5 cm), even a latex balloon or piece of paper, is a choking hazard. A good rule of thumb: if it can fit through a toilet paper roll, it is not safe for play.
• Also make sure that any string is no longer than 7 inches (18 cm). Never leave your baby unattended with ribbons or strings, as they could pose a str angulation hazard.
• B efore tr y ing an ac t ivity, assess whether it’s appropriate for your child’s level of development. Use writing and crafts materials that are nontoxic and have been approved for your child’s age.
• See #30 for tips on making your home safer for baby; for example, remove crib mobiles once your baby can push up onto hands and knees.
All infor mation in this book has been carefully researched and fact-checked. However, the publisher makes no war ranty, express or implied, that the infor mation is appropriate for every (or any!) individual, situation, or purpose, and assumes no responsibility for er rors or omissions. You assume the risk and full responsibility for all your actions, and the publishers will not be held responsible for any loss or damage of any sort, whether consequential, incidental, special, or otherwise that may result from the infor mation presented. Just between us, though, you’re probably safe inventing a fairy tale (#153).
CROSS-REFERENCES When one thing just leads to another, we’ll point it out. Follow the links for related or interesting infor mation.
The calendar shows how many days, weeks, or months an activity requires.
Look to the ther mometer to lear n the temperature needed for a given action.
Repeat the depicted action the designated number of times.
Phew—fumes! Open a window before perfor ming this activity.
Follow the * symbol to lear n more about the how and why of the given step.
TOOLS Everything you’ll need to perfor m an activity appears in the toolbars. Having a hard time deciphering an item? Tur n to the tools glossary in the back of the book.
remove stubborn stains

A fer t ilized egg smaller than a pinhead will one da y bor r ow yo ur car keys. Hard to imagine, right? It’s a jour ney that star ts long bef ore 300 million sper m become f i erce contestants on Sur vivor : F allopian T ube . Prepar a tion is key . For the mom-to-be, that means seeing her doctor , taking prenatal vitamins, and tr acking her monthly cycle. Luckily , the pri mar y chore on the man’ s to-do list is tr ying to conceiv e , which is the most fun a guy will hav e in his entire lif e. (No, serio usly . ) But don’t think success on that front means y ou’ re on hiatus until deliver y day . A dad is bor n nine months before a baby is bor n . His job begins when the pregnancy test displa ys a plus sign.
Your per sonal f inances are in order.

You treat the pets like kids.
You’re ponder ing baby names.

She’s leaving hints.
You think pregnant women look hot.

You love spending time with other people’s kids.

You have suppor t troops nearby.
know you’re ready
Jean-Claude or Ar nold . . .
introduce baby to pets
Talk it over with the doc tor.
Ditch any vices.
Keep cool.
Steer clear of bad i nfluences.
Pr ac tice b aby-making.
Review your prescr i ptions.
Research your genetics.
Get as healthy as possible.
prepare to impregnate
It’s good to get a full physical and discuss your plans with your doc tor.
Make missionar y magic. Get behind her.
Up the odds of success by choosing positions that allow deep penetra tion and get semen closer to the cer vix.
Male sper m swim faster and die more quickly than fe male sper m. So if y ou want a boy , adjust your lovema king routine to get those speedy Y chromosomes to a ready egg stat!
Avoid standing positions.
Offer her some potassium. Have coffee befor e sex.
Spoon. Stay on top.
Use rear entry. Have sex af ter ovulation .
Suggest magnesium to her. Take a warm bath f ir st. Make it missionar y style. Have sex before ovulation.
Sper m c ar r yi ng t he X chromosome trav el more slowly to the egg and stay fri sky longer than Y -car r ying sper m. If y ou want a gir l, use conception conditions that fav or these slow and steady s per m.
get in position to conceive
try for a boy
try for a girl
The cell within the zygote splits on day two.
The egg is released from her ovar y and will remain viable for 12 to 24 hour s.
The egg tr avels down the fallopian tube; sper m swim up to meet it.

One s per m fer tilizes t he egg, f or ming a zygote.

On day one, the zygote continues toward the uterus.
The blastocyst implants in the uter ine wall eight or nine days af ter fer tilization.
By the end of the f ir st week, the zygote enter s the uterus. The ball of cells is called a blastocyst.
The cells continue to divide dur ing the next two days.

fallopian tube
So just how are babies made? Once a month, d uring ovulation, an egg is released from a woman’ s ovar y . If the egg is f er tiliz ed on its wa y to the uter us, it will implant and gro w . If not, it will be shed along with the uter ine lining.
comprehend conception
identify the signs of pregnancy
She’s having headaches or feeling dizzy.
She’s exper iencing sudden mood swings.
She f eels s tr angely w ar m.
She’s ver y sensitive to smells and tastes.
Her b r easts a r e tender or swollen.
She’s nauseated.
She is compelled to sit down or nap at odd times.
She needs to pee frequently.
She may not know she’s pregnant yet, b ut her body is sending her clues. T he followin g signs may be hints that there’s a baby in y our future.
Celebrate together.
Introduce y our self.
Embrace her.
Take a deep br eath.
receive the news
When y ou get the good news, use these tips to handle the moment with style and class.
Woo- hoo!
survive couvade syndrome
Look out for mor ning sickness.
Watch out for sudden mood swings.
Be pr e par e d to face some sleepless nights.
Gir d y our self f or e xtr a g ir th.
Brace your self for anxious moments.
Get ready to brave backaches.
Do you fe el pregnant too? Sympathy pains are not uncommon. Couvade syndrome is a condition where an expecting father experiences the symptoms of pregnancy along with mom.
get f i t anywher e
demystify your brain
cerebral cortex may put your hor mones i nto overdr ive
mirror neuron system may help you get in touch with your inner most f eelings
dorsal premammillary nucleus may heighten your ter r itor ial i nstinc ts
amygdala may make you mor e aler t and awar e of your s ur roundings
hypothalamus may inspire you to reach out and hug somebody
Fatherhood of ten increases activity in cer tain br ain regions. Here are a f ew y ou can expect to w or k over ti me to tra nsfor m you into a pater n al wonder .
Be s uper sensitive.
Take care of emergencies.
Clean the litter box.
Monitor v isitor s.
Do the heavy lif ting.
Help mor e with chor es.
be a superdad
keep visits shor t and swe et

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