The Changing Face of Sex
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100 pages

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The Changing Face of Sex is a thorough study of the history of sex by a leading expert in the field of Human Sexuality education. Dr Wayne Anderson has been teaching Human Sexuality for over 50 years. This book chronicles the changes he has witnessed through his own observation and data he has collected from his students, with the 1960s being a critical point of change. Dr. Anderson also details fascinating historical facts about society's view and treatment of sexual matters beginning with Victorian era practice and laws. Written with wit and humor, in a language suitable for lay person and professional alike, everyone should read this book and be rewarded with a greater understanding and comfort with their own sexuality and sexual history.



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Date de parution 16 mars 2013
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Here’s the talk about The Changing Face of Sex :
“This book presents the latest information on human sexuality, including topics such as homosexuality, abortion, rape, and marriage and gender issues. Based on his many years of teaching both under-graduate and graduate level classes, Dr. Anderson also describes how students have responded to learning about sexuality, and their emotional reactions to the class material. In a wonderfully open and honest way, Dr. Anderson also discusses his own development over the years of working as a sex counselor and college instructor.”
—Joseph Lo Piccolo, Ph.D., editor of Handbook of Sex Therapy,
and co-author of Becoming Orgasmic
“Wayne Anderson’s new book is a thoroughly enjoyable survey of historical and personal change in sexual attitudes and mores. The mixing of history and science with personal observation as a therapist and a long time instructor of human sexuality make for a unique and highly recommended primer that will be useful for students, therapists, and anyone interested in cross-generational changes and stability in the sexual landscape.”
—David C. Geary, Ph.D., Author of Male & Female: The Evolution of
Human Sex Differences, and Professor of Psychology
at the University of Missouri-Columbia
“… an enjoyable discussion wrapped in the writer’s personal experience… From the Victorian era of male ownership of women to the sexual revolution of the 1960s to today’s teens and young adults attending college, Dr. Anderson attends to the history as if he were nurturing his own children. Each chapter is quietly gathered with comments, opinions and facts, including remarks from students concerning their sexuality, sex and relationships—hetero and homosexual....the information is fascinating and quite revealing….I believe that every parent of a teenaged child or newly minted college student needs to read (it)—to be prepared for the fact that their kid is having sex.”
—David Rosman, award winning editor, writer, and instructor,
InkandVoice Communication
“In The Changing Face of Sex Dr. Anderson has painted a deeply rich portrait of the sexual evolution on the University of Missouri campus. He writes not as a remote historian, but as a person who was present and an active participant in the creation of the history….He shows that education can only take the practitioners so far before they must fully evaluate and understand their own sexual universe. It’s only then that they can create a comfortable milieu in which they can help their patients. Uncovering this process allows the reader an opportunity to step back and become introspective about their own sexuality and sexual biases. One cannot read this book without pondering how far we have come, but how far we also must go before each person can embrace the full realm of their unique sexual personality without facing external judgments. A highly readable book that I would recommend for anyone between the ages of 16 and 116.”
—Nellie Symm Gruender, R.N., Care Navigators, LLC
“Dr. Wayne Anderson has been at the forefront of the sexual revolution for the past 60 years. He has worked tirelessly to increase awareness of the diversity of perspectives surrounding sexuality and its expression. I believe the dialogue Dr. Anderson fosters surrounding our sexuality helps dispel myths and stereotypes, while increasing satisfaction individuals experience from expressing their sexuality in healthy ways. His book The Changing Face of Sex provides the reader with an interesting and insightful, front-line glimpse into the amazing changes in social attitudes towards sex, sexuality, and sexroles that have occurred in the past century.”
—Dean Andersen, M. Ed., Health Educator
at the University of Missouri-Columbia
“I found Dr. Anderson’s book fascinating and an enjoyable trip down memory lane. I moved to Columbia in 1960 and still live and practice here. His book is refreshingly honest and straightforward about his role in the changing world of sexuality during this time period. I recommend this book to anyone interested in this historic period as well as professionals in the area of counseling and sexuality. I loved it!”
— William D. Trumbower M.D.
Women’s Health Associates; Columbia, Missouri

The Changing Face

Wayne P. Anderson, Ph.D.

Copyright 2013 Wayne P. Anderson, Ph.D.,
All rights reserved.
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Published by AKA:yola / AKA-Publishing
Columbia, Missouri
Cover photography and design by Yolanda Ciolli
Library of Congress
Anderson, Wayne P. The Changing Face of Sex
1. Human sexuality 2. sex therapy
3. human sexual behavior
4. heterosexuality
5. homosexuality 6. chauvinism 7. sex education
8. sexually transmitted disease 9. rape 10. courtship
11. marriage 12. divorce
I. Author II. Title
Eight reasons to read this book, written by a professor, therapist and researcher who has worked in the field of human sexuality for the past fifty years:
1) You will see the dark ages of sex crumble before your eyes; the national policy of subsidizing sexual ignorance is exposed as dangerous to happiness as research and protest break its hold on society.
2) You will see the modern attitudes toward sex through the eyes of present day university students—sometimes shocking, but always interesting and different from what our legislators with their emphasis on abstinence want to see.
3) You will watch the struggle of modern women as they deal with the conflict between raising a family and starting a career.
4) You will follow the struggle as a professor works to turn conservative graduate students as part of their training into cool, more understanding and effective sex therapists.
5) No homosexuals allowed was the original policy of the University of Missouri. Modern students find it unbelievable that until a Supreme Court decision in 1978, homosexual students could not hold meetings on this campus and previously had been discharged if their orientation was discovered.
6) Sex differences are real. Student reports will show you which ones are most troublesome to them.
7) You will see a male chauvinist professor evolve into a supporter of women’s rights.
8) You will discover there is still hope for the younger generation— love is still important and a belief in monogamy continues.
One professional track of my life has been studying sexuality in all its forms. I have observed sexual attitudes and behavioral patterns during the past 50 years from three major modes—as therapist, researcher and professor. Each of these has contributed to building an ongoing picture of how sexual behavior has been evolving in the United States.
I was born at the beginning of the great depression in 1929, into a world where women were confined more or less to the home. Few worked outside the home, and those who did were very limited in what they were allowed to do. Some taught until they married. Pregnant teachers were not allowed in the classroom; for some reason, some parents thought this would be exposing children to an indecency. Movies began to show some reality about sex in people’s lives, but that was stopped in 1934 with the introduction of the Hays office, a set of industry moral censorship guidelines that forbade the use of words such as pregnant, profanity, and showing two people in bed together.
Women were expected to be virgins upon marriage; if they were not, many states allowed that as a reason for annulment. World War II temporarily changed the work rules for women, but at the end of the war many of them found themselves back in the home. It wasn’t until the sexual revolution of the late 1960s that women were allowed into a large number of fields of work.
I was a member of the generation that expected marriage to last and considered illegitimacy a horror. Birth control information was illegal. In some states condoms had to be labeled, “for prevention of disease only,” as if when you used one with the intent to stop pregnancy, you were breaking the law. Homosexuals were still considered criminals or mentally ill or both, adultery was the one grounds for divorce in most states, and sex education was virtually nonexistent.
In the first chapter I give an overview of present day students’
attitudes toward sexuality. This is followed by a step back into history in chapter two in which I explore how anti-sexual the Victorian era of the late 1800s was and how this attitude put a straightjacket on women’s sexual behavior to the point that some believed that women were not sexually responsive and that decent women did not have orgasms. The next chapter on the tipping point explores what led up to the revolution of the late 1960s after which sexual behavior and attitudes were never the same.
The sexual revolution created a need for sex education, a topic that was not only just ignored by most universities, but also actively resisted regarding some topics in many universities including the University of Missouri-Columbia (UMC), where I have taught from 1963 to the present time, 2012.
In two chapters I explore my creation of a program to give students information about birth control and then a chapter on the development of a sex education course.
The second section explores developments in our understanding of love and bonding based on resea

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