The Real Man s Handbook
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39 pages

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There was a time when everyone knew what a real man was… now, with changing times, values and roles, many men struggle with what it means to be a “real man” in the 21st Century.

What does a real man look like? How does he act? What are his values and morals? What role does a real man play in society? The 12 commitments that Chris and Larry share cover the gamut of life, from family, including your spouse and children, work, health, finances, service, and friendships.

This little book is thought-provoking. It will both challenge you as well as encourage you.  Most importantly, it will cause you to think about what kind of man you are and what kind of man you can become.



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Date de parution 17 octobre 2018
Nombre de lectures 1
EAN13 9781641463607
Langue English

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PUBLISHED BY MADE FOR SUCCESS PUBLISHING, a division of Made for Success, Inc., Seattle, Washington.
Copyright © 2018 Larry Winget and Chris Widener. All rights reserved.
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Winget, Larry and Widener, Chris The Real Man’s Handbook: 12 Commitments of a Real Man
ISBN: 978-1-64146-359-1 (PBK) ISBN: 978-1-64146-360-7 (EBOOK)
Printed in the United States of America
It’s Tough to Be a Real Man These Days
Chapter One
A Real Man is Committed to Core Values by Larry Winget
Chapter Two
A Real Man is Committed to Respecting Others by Larry Winget
Chapter Three
A Real Man is Committed to Mastering His Money by Larry Winget
Chapter Four
A Real Man is Committed to Excellence in His Work by Larry Winget
Chapter Five
A Real Man is Committed to Serving Others by Chris Widener
Chapter Six
A Real Man is Committed to Being a Leader by Chris Widener
Chapter Seven
A Real Man is Committed to His Wife by Chris Widener
Chapter Eight
A Real Man is Committed to Being a Good Father by Larry Winget
Chapter Nine
A Real Man is Committed to Personal Growth by Chris Widener
Chapter Ten
A Real Man is Committed to Friendships by Chris Widener
Chapter Eleven
A Real Man is Committed to Taking Care of Himself by Chris Widener
Chapter Twelve
A Real Man is Committed to His Commitments by Larry Winget
The Twelve Commitments of a Real Man
Warning! Hard times are ahead
A Final Word
Chris Widener
Larry Winget
T here are those who would argue with that statement, but most of those who would probably aren’t real men. Men are constantly being emasculated, feminized and marginalized. Men are most often portrayed on television as either overweight buffoons or womanizing cads, and while there are exceptions, there aren’t many.
More and more, men seem to be expected to apologize for their maleness that is, all that makes them who they are what makes them men. They are attacked for their "male privilege" and punished for the cultural sins of the past they had nothing to do with. Men are made fun of and put down by society at almost every turn with the overall idea that men are all sex-crazed, gluttonous pigs who aren’t smart enough to survive without the help of a feminist woman. There is even a word that puts down how men communicate: manspeak or manspeaking. According to the top definition on The Urban Dictionary, manspeak is a term used by feminists to silence a man who is speaking without first being spoken to, or when his input is not needed in a conversation. There is even an Official Women’s Guide to Manspeak , which takes the way men talk and translates it to what we really mean. This book makes men look like dullards only interested in sex, football, drinking beer, farting and belching contests. To top it all off, a man wrote it!
Men are under constant attack on so many levels, and most simply don’t know how to respond. How could they? Why would they? To speak up only gets a man in trouble.
There is also a misinterpretation of what it means to be a man. A real man is not a caricature like we have been led to believe by advertising and the media. A real man isn’t the stereotype some think of, like the Marlboro man on his horse or Matthew McConaughey driving his Lincoln. Real men don’t all look like Tom Selleck or Brad Pitt or Idris Elba. (Though I’m betting our wives would be happier if that were the case!) In fact, a real man doesn’t have a "look." A real man can be a big guy or a little guy. A real man can be built like Adonis, or he can be a quadriplegic in a wheelchair. He can be a doctor or a trash hauler. A real man can be any color, any size and do anything for a living. A real man can be rich, but doesn’t have to be or need to be. You can’t see who a real man is by outward appearance. A real man is always based on who he is on the inside.
And that’s precisely why we have written this book: to help both men and women understand what a real man needs to be on the inside so it will show up on the outside in a way that serves all of society. Most people live from the outside in, then wonder why they aren’t happy. That’s completely backwards. True happiness comes when you live from the inside out. As the motivational cliché says, "As within, so without."
Real manliness is in trouble!
Once again, those words will cause some to shake their heads because we have been conditioned to believe that the deck is always stacked in favor of men. In the past, it is true that men have had an advantage we’ll give you that. But times have changed, and that isn’t the case so much these days, regardless of what some would want you to believe.
Men are confused, unsure of what to do and how to do it. Men are lonely. Male depression is on the rise. About 45,000 people in the US will kill themselves this year, and about 75% of those suicides will be men. Men are in crisis. Men are literally fighting for their lives trying to figure out who they are, who they should be or who they want to be. They can’t figure out how to live up to (or down to) what society wants from them. All of that means that families are in crisis as well. Wives will suffer. And they are. Children will suffer. And they are. Finances will suffer. And they are. All of society will suffer. And it is. When men are hurting, everyone feels it. No one wins.
A Real Man
A real man is a good person through and through. He stands up for what’s right and speaks up for those who can’t. He is a provider, a leader, has core values, treats his wife like his cherished partner and teaches his kids how to be independent and productive. He earns his own way and takes responsibility for his actions, his finances and his health. And that’s only the beginning.
Chances are good that you know a real man. I bet that description in the last paragraph immediately brought someone to mind. Maybe your dad, or maybe a buddy of yours. If you are woman reading this, hopefully you were able to say, "Yep, that’s my husband." If you are a man reading this, hopefully you said, "Yep, that’s me." But if you read that and said, "That’s who I wish I was," then know you can get there. The process isn’t that complicated. It can be hard for sure, but it’s not complicated. That is why we have written this book: to show you twelve areas to focus on that will impact every area of your life, relationships, finances and business so you can become the real man you were meant to be the real man we know you want to be.
A little backstory from Larry:
I didn’t really know Chris Widener. We are both professional speakers and best-selling authors, and we travel in the same circles with many friends in common. But regardless of the fact that we have both been in the same business for many years, we had never met in person. We had exchanged a few emails, and I had written some material for a news site that Chris once owned. Then he moved to Arizona, where I live. One day, he wrote me an email about getting in on one of my brown liquor and cigar evenings I post about on social media. We set a time for him to come over that week and share a drink and cigar with me on my patio.
As we sat and got to know each other, talking about our common friends and pasts, we started to pontificate on what each of us thought was wrong with the world. Guys who do what we do for a living often do that: pontificate. We are social commentators, business coaches and professional speakers who have to be acutely aware of what’s going on in the world so we can be relevant to our audiences. Plus, both of us read a lot, are very aware of politics and societal issues and have a lot of interaction with various types of people, organizations and businesses.
What came out of that conversation was that we both agreed much of what is going wrong in the world is that men don’t really know what being a man is all about. Or they have forgotten. And no one is helping them. Add to that, for the most part, no one is teaching boys how to be men. Schools aren’t for sure. In fact, schools are only making it worse. The medical community isn’t helping either. By the time an American boy reaches high school, nearly 20% of them will be diagnosed with ADHD with millions of them being put on powerful drugs to "normalize" their behavior. Society is only confusing the issue of what a little boy is and should be. The media, as they have a record of doing with any issue, has made a disaster of it all. Parents are simply unsure of how to teach their little boys to be real men without the fear of ridicule. (Yes, I know that is a broad, sweeping generality of parenting, so if what I just said doesn’t apply to you then just congratulate yourself for being the exception to the rule and keep reading.)
As Chris and I went deeper into this issue, we realized that we both might be in a unique position to do something about it. We both have fairly large social media followings. We have both sold a lot of books. We stand on a lot of stages. And we care about what’s happening. That’s probably the most important part we care.
We immediately agreed that we should write a book for men. But writing a book takes some time, and frankly, we still weren’t exactly sure what kind of book we should write and where the focus should be. Chris then suggested that we should do a podcast. We sat down the following week with my computer and a shared microphone and recorded the very first How to Be a Real Man podcast. It was amateurish in production but pure gold in approach and content. We immediately knew it felt right for both of us. So, we upgraded our equipment, laid out some topics and went to work. As a result, the How to Be a Real Man podcast quickly became the fastest growing podcast aimed specifically at men in the country. Men immediately began listening and asking questions of us.
But here is what is most interesting: women were all over it. Women started writing to thank us for what we were doing. They began telling us that real women want real men; men of substance with core values. These women ended up suggesting topics and asking questions of us too. The success and popularity told us we were onto something important, and encouraged us even more to help men become Real Men. That is why the How to Be a Real Man podcast has grown into a movement. A movement that includes books, audio training, video training and mastermind groups where men in their own communities can get together and talk about these issues. There is also an annual conference where men from around the world can get together to learn and form alliances.
This is important . We know it is. You know it is too. We want you to please help us by spreading the word about the importance of men being men of value and commitment!
And with that, welcome to The Twelve Commitments of a Real Man.

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