The Handy Personal Finance Answer Book
259 pages

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The Handy Personal Finance Answer Book , livre ebook


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259 pages

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Personal Financial Planning and Money Management Insights, Advice, and Guidance. An up-to-date financial reference book for everyone!

Tips, practical advice, useful worksheets, checklists, and tables guide you to a better understanding of your financial position and put you on your way to achieving personal financial goals and security. The Handy Personal Finance Answer Book offers facts for everyday life to help you save money and manage your financial life. By avoiding financial jargon, this informative tome provides financial lessons in a fun, approachable way.

With answers to more than 1,000 questions on the history and institutions of finance, how to make wise decisions about personal financial issues, and common mistakes people make when managing money, this fact-filled book offers facts for everyday life that help you build a more secure future for you and your family. Questions range from simple to complex, including …

  • What are some basic steps to becoming financially successful?
  • How do I balance my checkbook?
  • What are some of the biggest mistakes that individual investors make?
  • Why is attaining financial goals easier than we think?
  • How much should I save for retirement?
  • What are seven things to consider before investing?
  • Who said, “A penny saved is a penny earned”?
  • How can I save money on my home owner’s insurance?
  • How do I check the accuracy of my medical bills?
  • What are some notable tax deductions?
  • How many undergraduates receive financial aid to attend university or colleges in America?
  • What are some typical family budget categories?
  • What is the concept of “paying yourself first”?
  • How many credit cards should I have? Are debit cards a better way to go?
  • And many, many more!

    Also featured are useful worksheets, checklists, and tables that guide the reader to a better understanding of his or her own financial position and on their way to achieving their personal financial goals. A bibliography and extensive index add to its usefulness. The Handy Personal Finance Answer Book takes the mystery out of money matters.

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    About the Author

    Paul A. Tucci is a writer, researcher, and author of the books Traveling Everywhere (2001) and The Handy Geography Answer Book (2008), as well as numerous articles on the information industry. He is a frequent guest lecturer in management, marketing, and strategy at various universities, including New York University, Northwestern University, the University of Michigan, and Oakland University. An amateur investor for over thirty years, and a former global information/publishing manager, he is also a business owner and partner of an innovative IT services and software development firm, a consultant to and investor in small private equity funded businesses, and board of directors member of the Rislov Foundation, a charitable foundation dedicated to providing funding for classical music education, instruction, and programming. He resides in Michigan.
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    Library of Congress Cataloguing-in-Publication Data
    Tucci, Paul A., 1962
    The handy personal finance answer book / by Paul A. Tucci.
    p. cm.
    Includes bibliographical references and index.
    ISBN 978-1-57859-322-4 M ISBN 978-1-57859-389-7 ISBN 978-157859-390-3 ISBN 978-1-57859-391-0
    1. Finance, Personal. I. Title.
    HG179.T817 2012
    332.024 dc23
    Printed in the United States of America
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    I NDEX
    History of Money, Banks, and Saving
    History of Credit Cards
    Our Financial Mindset
    Credit Unions
    Managing Your Account
    Online Banking
    Paying Bills Online
    Phishing and Other Online Scams
    Personal Finance Software
    Investing for Retirement
    Market Timing, Technical Analysis, and Fundamental Analysis
    Buying Stocks
    Protecting Yourself from Fraud
    Analyzing Stocks
    Helpful Financial Websites
    Mutual Funds
    Individual Retirement Accounts
    Investing in Gold
    Investing in Real Estate
    Selling Your House
    Financial Planners and Investment Advisors
    Home Insurance
    Insurance for Renters
    Automobile Insurance
    Health Insurance
    Life Insurance
    Small Business Insurance
    Federal Taxes
    Accountants and Tax Payers
    IRS Audits
    State Taxes
    Local and City Taxes
    Paying for Houses
    Home Equity Loans
    Reverse Mortgages
    Car Loans, Leasing, and Buying
    Paying for Education
    Loans for Small Businesses
    Loans for Vacations and Paying Off Loans
    Saving for Retirement
    Saving for Education
    Caring for Aging Parents
    Identity Theft
    Protecting Your Privacy on the Internet
    Death of a Spouse
    Wills and Trusts
    Getting Out of Debt
    Retaining Financial Records
    Living within Your Means
    Creating a Budget
    Cutting Expenses
    Teaching Your Children about Finances
    Interesting Facts and Trends
    Finance Rates, Interest Rates, Introductory Rates
    Eliminating Credit Card Debt
    Debit Cards, ATM Cards and Pre-paid Credit Cards
    Credit Counseling
    Debt Consolidation
    I wish to thank my parents, for their encouragement to open my first bank account when I was about five years old, to save at such a young age, and for letting me begin to work when I was nine years old; my big sister, Michele, who was my accountant for my paper route, as well as a model to me of financial responsibility when I was young and impressionable.
    This book is also for Leo, who helped me to learn about what a money market fund was when I was sixteen, when interest rates were at historic highs. Also, from back in the days when I working as an intern in Washington, D.C., I wish to acknowledge the guy from the brokerage house on "K" Street, who advertised a free seminar that I attended when I was eighteen that taught me what a mutual fund was. John Riedel, former CFO of Proquest, taught me a lot about corporate finance over many years, and Zach Savas, with whom I had conversations over the years on the markets and private equity investing. I also spoke with Nick Demopoulos about global markets and currency trading over the years. Ray and Brad Berk taught me about tax issues. In addition, I would like to thank the following people who assisted with ideas and questions for the book; all of them are masters in their respective fields: Michele Tucci-Berube, J.D.: legal questions Amy Randazzo: personal tax questions Nick Demopoulos: stocks and mutual funds questions Sarah Butterfield, a tax professional, in the area of high net worth family and individual accounting: on tax questions John O’Brien, marketing/advertising professional: on all questions, specifically on financial advisors Isabella Tucci, Realtor™, thirty-five-year-real estate professional, Cranbrook Real Living, Inc.: real estate questions Michael Garcia, an automotive industry and logistics executive and entrepreneur who is experienced in issues about health and the subsequent loss of his beloved parents: caring for the elderly Dr. Evelyn Katz, cognitive therapist extraordinaire: financial mindset
    I would also like to acknowledge the team at Visible Ink Press, who make this and so many other consumer reference works possible and accessible to so many people: Roger Jånecke, Publisher; Kevin Hile, Managing Editor; Mary Claire Krzewinski, for cover art and page design.
    And, of course, my family….
    This manuscript was entirely created and managed using Google Documents.
    Photo Credits
    All photos are courtesy of, except for the following, provided by the author, Paul Tucci: pages 3 , 6 , 20 , 42 , 60 , 106 , 118 , 120 , 122 , 127 , 167 , 194 , and 266 .
    The Handy Personal Finance Answer Book takes the reader through each of what we feel are major themes in personal finance. There are so many variables that affect our ability to manage our money; we decided to look at factors that may not be found in other personal finance reference books and present our information in a way that surprises, assists, and enables readers to change the way they feel about and view money. The questions and answers include broad statistical references that demonstrate how many people are affected by some aspect of finances, as well as broad macroeconomic data to support trends and allow the reader to draw his/her own conclusions. The line of questions also takes a subject and moves from broad to specific but never too specific answers that are never "over the heads" of the audience. Some answers are defi

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