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Bedtime Stories for Kids , livre audio


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Short Funny Tales to Help Children Fall Asleep Fast and Have a Relaxing Night’s Sleep.

Are you tired of sleepless nights for yourself and your children?

Are you looking for something great for early readers?

The truth is, unlike adults, children have not yet developed the emotional, physical, and mental tools to help themselves wind down after a tension-filled day and fall into a deep, restful sleep. This is unfortunate since poor sleep quality among children can lead to behavior, mood, and emotion regulation problems, learning, and school performance impairments, and immune function decline.

While each story is unique, the underlying purpose of each remains the same, to confer to readers some degree of insight into moral behavior and proper conduct. Through the careful application of allegory, the stories contained herein are intended not only to engage and captivate but serve as thought-provoking tools by which your children might avail themselves of one of man mankind’s most powerful attributes, thoughtfulness, and self-reflection.

Free up some time for yourself as a parent and get your baby to sleep well, once and for all! Buy the audiobook now.



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Date de parution 29 mars 2021
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Langue English
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