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MARIJUANA GROWER’S BIBLE - A Beginner's Guide on Growing Medical Marijuana - Extended Edition , livre audio


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Congratulations, you’re interested in growing
your own cannabis plants for the first time!
But before you flex that green thumb of yours, understand that growing marijuana presents a unique set of challenges for the new hobbyist, and the sheer volume of information available on the subject can be overwhelming.
Our clear, easy-to-digest guide to growing will help even first-time growers get started.
In this book you will find:
- History of cannabis – marijuana
- Designate a cannabis grow room or space
- Choose your cannabis grow lights
- Give your cannabis plants air
- Pick your climate controls and monitors
- Decide on a cannabis grow medium
- Pick a container
- Feed your cannabis plants nutrients
- Water your cannabis plants
- And muuuuuchhh mooore
As you may know, the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana across several states has enabled many consumers to become accustomed to purchasing cannabis from a dispensary. Even more intriguing though is the opportunity that legalization has created for adults and medical patients to cultivate cannabis in their own homes.
While the laws, limitations, and regulations are different for each state, almost every state with some form of legalized marijuana does allow home cultivation to some extent. Even though it’s completely legal, some people do not take advantage of their right to grow cannabis due to the perception that it is too difficult, expensive, or time-consuming.
Interested in growing? Click here to purchase your own bible and start growing today!



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Date de parution 30 juillet 2020
Nombre de lectures 1
EAN13 9781662132018
Langue English
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