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The Anti Inflammatory Diet Daily Recipes , livre audio


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What is inflammation?

Inflammation is a condition that can chronically affect each of us, and which is associated with premature aging and numerous other disorders. It can be useful to counteract it with the anti-inflammatory diet, a real ally of health!

Inflammation consists of a set of processes by which the body reacts to the action of harmful agents, such as bacteria or viruses, or to the external or internal damage it may encounter. Why try an Anti-Inflammatory diet? Some foods have strong anti-inflammatory properties, which it would be useful to include in your diet and foods that should be avoided. Even the number of calories we introduce each day can become an aggravating factor of inflammation, especially when energy consumption does not justify its introduction. Eating more than we need is never a good idea. The basic principle of an anti-inflammatory diet: calorie reduction.

The Anti-Inflammatory diet begins with a reduction in the calories we consume with food. Calorie restriction favors the reduction of inflammation because it decreases the biosynthesis of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Cytokines are molecules produced by our body, very important for the development and proper functioning of the immune system. However, if they are produced in excess, our body can develop inflammatory or autoimmune diseases.

Let's start with the five golden rules for an anti-inflammatory diet:

few proteins

slow glucose

increase fibers

fat yes, but healthy ones

get to know (and abundant with) anti-inflammatory foods

Hoping this cookbook will give you a fair amount of inspiration, try applying these rules for a day, or a week, or a month.

Take the opportunity and don't wait any longer to start pampering your body with anti-inflammatory will immediately experience the benefits!

So check out the meal plan we have prepared for you, with 70 easy recipes, which are both tasty and healthy at the same time!! Enjoy the diet, enjoy new life!



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