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How to Talk Dirty: The Ultimate Guide for your Mind Blowing Sex. Learn how to Improve your Sex Life with Dirty Talk Examples, Overcome shyness and Drive your Partner Wild! , livre audio


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Discover How to Become a Naughty Dirty Talker!
Are you a well-behaved person who never says a nasty word? Do you love and respect your partner? Do you often say sweet romantic things during sex... but wish you could talk about your darker desires without offending your lover?
If a partner suddenly reveals they’re turned on by dirty talk, how will you react? Will you struggle with shyness and anxiety? Will you feel ashamed? Or will you turn to expert advice and build solid dirty talk skills that will drive your partner wild?
Mya Pierce, surely has LOTS of experience doing dirty talk, and she’s about to share her secrets with you! She’s written a book that will help you arouse your partner with the nastiest, dirtiest, most vulgar words that English has to offer!
Mya will reveal:
Why so many people are secretly aroused by dirty talk
How to overcome shyness when your partner asks you to talk dirty – and, on the other hand, how to get your partner hooked on dirty talk without negatively shocking them
How to avoid crossing the fine line between dirty talk and offensiveness
How to talk about your wildest fantasies without sounding like a sick pervert
And much more!
The book provides dozens of practical examples. If you don’t know where to start, try practicing some of the dirty phrases that Mya has to offer and, once you’ve gained confidence, try them with your partner. The result will probably exceed your expectations because so many people secretly love dirty talk but are afraid to try!
Are you ready to become a master of dirty talk who can drive a partner wild with a few carefully chosen words? It’s just a click away!]]>



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Date de parution 08 mai 2020
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Langue English
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