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Win Your Battles Through The Weapon Of Worship , livre audio


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Would you like to experience God’s tangible presence while you worship and realize His power at work daily in your life, while He fight your battles for you?

In this handbook, I will share with you how the great men of God in the bible wielded the powerful weapon of worship to win wars where victory seemed impossible. Moreover, I will show you how worship will refocus your heart on the bigness of God and deviate from the misleading smallness of any problem you are facing as you become lost in His loving presence.

In addition, you will learn that worship turns on the faucet of grace as the Lord imparts His life, wisdom, and power into your life, renewing your minds and physical bodies in His sweet presence. Therein providing all you need for any and every situation. You will soon come away realizing that the challenge you are disenchanted with and its size just don't matter anymore.

Inside You will discover:

- The Promise And Power Of Worship

- How Praise Precedes Victory

- How To Worship From Victory Through Jesus

- How Praise Opens The Door To Grace

- The 9 Step Praise Formula For Victory Today

- And Much, Much More…

As you begin to incorporate praise and worship into your daily living and fill yourself with the person of Jesus and become utterly lost in His magnificent love for you, you will see Him manifest His glorious presence and go from despair and fear to peace, joy and strength in the Lord. That’s when The Lord begins to be magnified and your problems will become so insignificant before Him. Today, let His love take away the cares that burden you. Let Jesus be magnified and glorified, and watch Him turn all things around for your good! Sing along to the faith melodies in your heart. The door to God's grace will creak open, giving Him room to impart His blessings and breakthroughs as you need them. Let praise launch you into the orbit of possibility.

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