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Expert Secrets – Codependency: The Ultimate Recovery Guide to Cure Being Codependent! Learn How to Analyze People and use CBT to Improve Boundaries, Communication Skills, Self-Control, and Self-Esteem. , livre audio


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Expert Guide On How To Break Free From Codependency! Master The Art Of CBT In No Time And Boost Your Self-Esteem!
Afraid that you are stuck in a codependent relationship? Or you just want to help yourself set up more firm boundaries toward other people?
Signs of codependency are often hidden in plain sight. Are you making lots of sacrifices to make other people happy, but they don’t seem to return te favor? Does your relationship seem kind of one-sided? If this sounds like you, you likely suffer from codependency. But you don't have to be worried! There are lots of ways to even the battlefield and get your life back.
The first step is to understand what codependency means. Experts say it's a pattern of behavior in which you find yourself dependent on approval from someone else for your self-worth and identity.
One of the key signs is that your sense of purpose in life wraps around solely one person. You start making extreme sacrifices to satisfy your partner's needs, and that becomes your only source of fulfillment.
This audiobook will guide you through:
• Recognizing symptoms of an unhealthy codependent relationship
• Testing yourself to see if you are a codependent person
• Self-evaluation on what may have turned you into a codependent person
• Expert tips on how to turn your life around and become a strong, independent person
• Mechanisms of coping with breaking free from co-dependency
• Building your self-esteem and setting up boundaries
Start living your life to the fullest! Release yourself from the shackles of codependency, and become the happy person you deserve to be. Let this audiobook guide you through the transformation you ought to make. Be the better version of you, because you can do it!
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