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First Time Mom & Baby Sleep Solution 2-in-1 Book No Need to Panic, Pregnancy Guid to Be Ready for What is Coming in The Next 9 Months and Newborn Care + The Most Effective Baby Sleep Methods , livre audio


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Are you overwhelmed by the demands of first-time parenthood or pregnancy? Are you exhausted by your restless baby’s constant wake-ups? Then you need to keep reading...
In a child’s first year, parents get 59% less sleep than what’s recommended for adults – the same as losing two to three months of shut-eye. And before parenthood even fully begins, pregnant moms struggle with a range of bodily changes and challenging side effects. Parenthood and first-time motherhood are known to be synonymous with a difficult life shift – but they don’t have to be.
In this bundle, you’ll discover:
• Every single habit you need to quit RIGHT NOW for your baby’s safety. (Follow this guide and significantly reduce your risk for miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth, and other dangers!)
• The EXACT solutions to the most common baby sleep problems.
• Essential sleep strategies for single parents or parents of twins secrets behind sleep associations and how to make them work for you.
• How to choose the right sleep training method for your new baby. (Tailor sleep training methods to your baby’s specific needs and make fantastic sleep a part of your regular routine!)
And much, much more…
Even if you feel completely overwhelmed and you haven’t caught a wink of sleep in weeks, the extensive research behind this guide will help you develop a strong understanding to your baby's needs, how to nurture a healthy newborn with a happy mom, and the crucial steps towards a more restful household overall.
If you want to access these advanced parenting tools and ensure a significantly less stressful day-to-day routine, then you should start this book!



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