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REIKI & QIGONG: Japan & China Energy Combined. Psychic Reiki | Aura Secrets | Energy Healing Techniques | Reiki Meditation. From Chinese Medicine: QiGong Meditation Training | Breathing Techniques. NEW VERSION , livre audio


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Uncover the powerful, ancient secrets of Japan and China with Reiki and QiGong.
Do you want to unlock spiritual wellbeing, improve your life, and learn the ancient secrets of Reiki and QiGong?
Looking for the best way to get started, with step-by-step instructions on meditation, energy healing, breathing, and more?
Then keep reading.
Inside this audiobook, you’ll explore the incredible world of Reiki and QiGong – two powerful spiritual healing and wellness techniques. With practical strategies, a wealth of tips and tricks, and comprehensive explorations of energy healing and wellbeing, this work is the ultimate guide to supercharging your spiritual and psychic health.
Inside Reiki section, you’ll discover:
- Understanding Reiki, Energy, And Your Aura
- What is Energy Healing, and How Does it Work?
- Powerful Strategies For Unlocking Your Energy Healing Abilities
- How To Channel Your 7 Chakras
- Breaking Down The Three Levels of Reiki
- Tips And Tricks For Reiki Attunement
Inside QiGong section, you’ll find:
- A History of QiGong and Its Purpose
- Exploring The Branches and Structure of QiGong
- Understanding Yin, Yang, and The Elements
- How QiGong Can Help You Live A Life of Well-being And Happiness
- The Essential Phases of Qi Development
- Tips For Using QiGong For Boosting Your Health
- Highly Effective Breathing Techniques and Postures
With several insights on breathing, meditation, and energy healing, this audiobook is your ticket to the world of spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Discover the secrets of Reiki, learn how to practice QiGong, and begin your journey to a healthier and better life today!
Buy now to begin your journey into the world of Reiki and QiGong today!



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Date de parution 11 août 2020
Nombre de lectures 1
EAN13 9781662134265
Langue English
Poids de l'ouvrage 1150 Mo


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