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Earth Repair , livre audio


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  • Co-op available
  • Features pitched to Orion, On Earth
  • Excerpts pitched to UTNE, Mother Jones, Permaculture Activist Magazine
  • Advertising in Mother Jones, Mother Earth News
  • Promotion through author's extensive network of list serve contacts
  • Promotion through environmental organization Toxic Actions Centre, Indigenous Environmental Network, Ruckus, Centre for Health and Environmental Justice
  • Geographically targeted to most affected areas, for example Louisiana, Detroit, Pennsylvania
  • Promotion on the author's website TBA
  • Promotion to conferences such as Bioneers, Village Building Convergence, National Community Gardening Conference
  • Promotion on New Society Publishers Facebook page with book announcement and contest, promotion on Twitter @NewSocietyPub
  • Simultaneous ebook release and marketing

  • Leila has spent over 7 years working on environmental justice issues, largely in rural and indigenous communities struggling with contamination of land and drinking water
  • This is the first book in this field that bring readers the tools to take matters into their own hands.
  • Earth Repair makes grassroots bioremediation more accessible, effective, meaningful and tangible and puts the power back into people's hands when it comes to healing the land, as well as themselves.
  • In many places where the land is contaminated, the local people are dealing with horrendous health conditions and impacts. This book offers tools to help people not only deal with the toxic contamination in the ground but in their bodies as well.
  • With funding cuts to environmental clean up there is a need for communities to take action. Earth Repair offers low-cost, low tech solutions to sustainable land reclamation
  • From fungi that break down oil to plants that suck up heavy metals, Earth Repair welcomes you to the fertile and regenerative world of grassroots bioremediation and earth repair.
  • The only book to discuss oil spills and community responses to them; and to offer herbs/health options to protect first responders and other folks doing the remediation work.

Many Thanks
Introduction: Manualfesto

Chapter 1: Roots of Repair: Decolonization and Environmental Justice
Chapter 2: Earth Repair and Grassroots Bioremediation
Chapter 3: Getting Started
Chapter 4: Microbial Remediation
Chapter 5: Phytoremediation
Chapter 6: Mycoremediation
Chapter 7: The Art of Healing Water
Chapter 8: Oil Spills I: The Anatomy of an Environmental Disaster
Chapter 9: Oil Spills II: Tools for the Grassroots Bioremediator
Chapter 10: Nuclear Energy and Remediating Radiation
Chapter 11: Self-Care for Grassroots Remediators, Community Members and Disaster Responders
Conclusion: Final Words for a Fertile Way Forward

Appendix 1: Contaminants 101
Appendix 2: Conventional Remediation Techniques
Appendix 3: Metric Conversion Table
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Date de parution 21 mai 2021
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