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Safe Money. Is yours? Is it secure and protected? Can it withstand the changing winds of the economy?

And most importantly, is it available when you need it? Readily available? Or do you have to jump through hoops to get it? Banks. Online payment portals.Currency exchanges.

Safe Money. Certainly not cryptocurrency. Rising and falling with the whims of every market crashing billionaire.

In that respect, crypto has a lot in common with the stock market. The slightest rumour can send stock prices into the stratosphere. Or the basement.

You might think banks could guarantee safe money. And you'd be partially right. But banks can default.And when they do your money is in the vault.

And don't think stashing your treasure under your mattress or in a storage locker will keep it safe. Because when a depression occurs, your highly valued pieces of paper, will be transformed into worthless pieces of paper.

Bottom Line :There is no such thing as safe and secure money. Only degrees of lesser insecurity.

In this fact filled book, Financial legend W.E. Buffet explains the options you have for making sure, as much as is possible, that you have "safe money."



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Date de parution 21 octobre 2021
Nombre de lectures 1
EAN13 9781667926896
Langue English
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