Arabic – Male and female circumcision ختان الذكور والإناث
765 pages

Arabic – Male and female circumcision ختان الذكور والإناث


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This book in Arabic, available also in French and in English, foreworded by Dr. Nawal El-Saadawi, presents the religious, medical, social and legal debate among Jews, Christians and Muslims around male and female circumcision. If female circumcision today is the subject of a national and international campaign to ban it, male circumcision is accepted and few would dare criticize it. It is estimated wrongly less serious than female circumcision, or with health benefits. The author criticizes this myth maintained by the United Nations and the World Health Organization. He demonstrates that the distinction between male and female circumcision is illusory, both being an unjustifiable flagrant violation of bodily integrity. This distinction is the main reason for the failure of the campaign against female circumcision. We cannot guarantee the right to physical integrity of the girl if we deny this right to his brother. The Author Sami A. Aldeeb Abu-Sahlieh. Christian of Palestinian origin. Swiss citizen. Doctor in law. Habilitated to direct researches. Professor of universities (CNU-France). Responsible for Arab and Islamic Law at the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law (1980-2009). Visiting professor in different French, Italian and Swiss universities. Director of the Centre of Arab and Islamic Law. Author of many books, including a French, English and Italian translation of the Koran.



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