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The Polyphony

32 pages

Avec tolérance, connaissance de ce qui nous rapproche (objectifs, moyens de survie, modalités dans le temps) l'esprit commun nous permet l'union et la paix. Le temps n'est alors qu'un paramètre à gérer !

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Study to be published from the Ricœur Conference in Krakovia, 19-22 May, 2015
1 6) Law, justice, and practical wisdomRicœur’s philosophy of action
Among Paul Ricœur’s “thoughts and solutions”, some underlie and some predominate. These are fundamentally a “will to understand” through cultural differences and a sharing of a 2 common policy:
In our (European, but is it the only one!?) civilization, the identity is inherent and revealed by the subject of matter and its understanding (Prima et Substrat), the overwhelming historical fact that there is only one collective story, and that the obvious awareness that God (in any appreciation) is in each and in all, living in coherence.
Who could/would deny such? The answers present the backbone of this study!
Furthermore, we suggest solutions and ideas in favor of a multicultural togetherness: that there be no face value; that there be only one truth in all debates, through common reference and identity; that there be common progress (work though collective management) toward a One agreed objective, allowing slow approaches, adjustments, switches and/or clearings to progressive understandings; that there be a manifested will to understand the said and the unsaid postures. Also, the higher and leveled work (elegance and ethics) possible with common references and respect (Philosophy and Theology) is to be understood as a search of a willingness to share.
FOREWARD POLITICAL MOVES THROUGH AND WITH EUROPE (object of Ricourean studies for One civilization)
Solutions for Peaceful “greenfields gardening” aiming “comestible bread”: European Union (identity and organized politics).
Author: Xavier de Seynes Independant Advisor in Strategy Apt. 6, Building A, 319 ave. Jean Rieux, Toulouse 31500 FRANCE. Email:xavier.de-seynes@orange.fr I ammulti-cultural with international awareness, clarity and natural foresight. Fond of music and musicologyas proof of possible multicultural sharing (in harmony with each origin, vector and Time’s chronology). Also a profound insight / awareness ofProtestantism, where each day is a new...