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Medieval Instrumental Dances


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<P>In Europe the tradition of secular dance has continued unbroken until the present. In the late Middle Ages it was an important and frequent event—for the nobility a gracious way to entertain guests, for the peasantry a welcome relaxation from the toils of the day. Now back in print, this collection presents compositions that are known or suspected to be instrumental dances from before ca. 1420. The 47 pieces vary in length and style and come from French, Italian, English, and Czech sources. Timothy McGee relates medieval dances to the descriptions found in literary, theoretical, and archival sources and to the depictions in the iconography of the Middle Ages. In a section on instrumental performance practices, he provides information about ornamenting the dances and improvising in a historically appropriate style. This comprehensive edition brings together in one volume a repertory that has been scattered over many years and countries.</P>
<P>Preface<BR>Acknowledgments</P><P>DANCE IN THE MIDDLE AGES</P><P>The Evidence<BR>Theoretical Statements and the Dance Repertory<BR>Vocal Dances<BR>Instrumental Dances</P><P>THE REPERTORY OF TEXTLESS DANCES</P><P>Estampie<BR>Ductia<BR>Nota<BR>Other Dances<BR>Saltarello<BR>Dance Pairs and Trotto<BR>Unidentified Dances<BR>"Bel fiore dance"<BR>"Chanconeta Tedescha"<BR>"Czaldy Waldy"<BR>"Chose Tassin"<BR>No. 42<BR>Summary</P><P>DANCING</P><P>Round and Carol<BR>Estampie</P><P>PERFORMANCE PRACTICES</P><P>Instruments<BR>Tempo<BR>Ornamentation and Improvisation<BR>Theoretical Evidence<BR>Ornamented Manuscripts<BR>Improvisation over a Cantus Firmus<BR>Improvising Additional Dance Material<BR>Preludes and Postludes<BR>Drones <BR>Monophonic and Polyphonic Performance<BR>Notes</P><P>THE DANCES</P><P>Editorial Practices</P><P>Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale, fonds francais 22543<BR>1a. Kalenda Maya<BR>Paris, Bibliotheque l’Arsenal 5198<BR>1b. Souvent Souspire<BR>Oxford, Bodleian Libary, Douce 139<BR>2.</P><P>Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale, fonds francais 844c<BR>3. [La Prime Estampie Royal]<BR>4. La Seconde Estampie Royal<BR>5. La Tierche Estampie Roial<BR>6. La Quarte Estampie Royal<BR>7. La Quinte Estampie Real<BR>8. La Seste Estampie Real<BR>9. La Septime Estampie Real<BR>10. La Uitime Estampie Real<BR>11. Dansse Real<BR>12.<BR>13. Danse</P><P>London, British Library, Additional 29987<BR>14. Ghaetta<BR>15. Chominciamento di Gioia<BR>16. Isabella<BR>17. Tre Fontane<BR>18. Belicha<BR>19. Parlamento<BR>20. In Pro<BR>21. Principio di Virtu<BR>22. Salterello [1]<BR>23. Salterello [2]<BR>24. Salterello [3]<BR>25. Salterello [4]<BR>26. Lamento di Tristano—La Rotta<BR>27. La Manfredina—La Rotta della Manfredina<BR>28. Trotto</P><P>Florence, Archivio di Stato, Antecosimiano No. 17879<BR>29. Danca Amorosa—Troto</P><P>Prague, State Library XVII F9<BR>30. Czaldy Waldy</P><P>Montpellier, Bibliotheque de la Faculte de Medecine MS H196<BR>31. Chose Tassin [1]<BR>32. Chose Tassin [2]<BR>33. Chose Tassin [3]<BR>34. Chose Loyset</P><P>London, Britich Library, Additional 29987<BR>35. Chanconeta Tedescha [1]<BR>36. Chancona Tedescha [2]<BR>37. Chancona Tedescha [3]<BR>38. Chancona Tedescha [4]</P><P>London, Britich Library, Harley 978<BR>39.<BR>40.<BR>41.</P><P>London, British Library, Additional 28550 (Robertsbridge Codex)<BR>42.<BR>43.<BR>44. Petrone</P><P>Faenza, Biblioteca Comunale 117 (faenza Codex)<BR>45. Tumpes<BR>46. Sangilio<BR>47. Bel Fiore Danca</P><P>Critical Notes<BR>Facsimiles and Transcriptions</P><P>PLATES</P><P>Dance in the Garden of Mirth Frontispiece<BR>1. Detail from The Effects of Good Government 3<BR>2. Detail from Church 3<BR>3. Fresco, Trent 4<BR>4. Music in the Garden of Delight 4</P>



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