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Autoethnography is an autobiographical genre that connects the personal to the cultural, social, and political. Usually written in the first-person voice, autoethnographic work appears in a variety of creative formats; for example, short stories, music compositions, poetry, photographic essays, and reflective journals.  Music Autoethnographies explores an intersection of autoethnographic approaches with studies of music. Written through the eyes, ears, emotions, experiences and stories of music and autoethnography practitioners, this edited collection showcases how autoethnography can expand musicians' awareness of their practices, and how musicians can expand the creative and artistic possibilities of autoethnography. The chapters in this ground-breaking volume stand independently as “musical lines” within themselves, and represent a diverse range of creative, performative, pedagogical and research contexts. When read together, they form a “harmonious counterpoint,” with common themes and contours, as well as contrasting rhythms and textures. Together these chapters produce a compelling story that shows how music can inspire autoethnography to sing, and how autoethnography can inspire musicians to reflect on the personal aspects of music creation and production. 
About the Authors
Making Autoethnography Sing / Making Music Personal
Brydie-Leigh Bartleet and Carolyn Ellis
Chapter 1- Songwriting and the Creation of Knowledge
David Carless and Kitrina Douglas
Chapter 2- Beautiful Here: Celebrating Life, Alternative Music, Adolescence and Autoethnography
Karen M. Scott-Hoy
Chapter 3- Musical Artefacts of My Father’s Death: Autoethnography, Music, and Aesthetic Representation
Chris J. Patti
Chapter 4 - Creativity and Improvisation: A Journey into Music
Peter Knight
Chapter 5 - Bye Bye Love
Stacy Holman Jones
Chapter 6 - Evoking Spring in Winter: Some Personal Reflections on Returning to Schubert’s Cycle
Stephen Emmerson
Chapter 7 - Letting it Go: An Autoethnographic Account of a Musician’s Loss
Catherine Grant
Chapter 8 - Becoming a Bass Player: Embodiment in Music Performance
Chris McRae
Chapter 9 - Studying Music, Studying the Self: Reflections on Learning Music in Bali
Peter Dunbar-Hall
Chapter 10 - The Road to Becoming a Musician: An Individual Chinese Story
Wang Yuyan
Chapter 11 - “Where Was I When I Needed Me?” The Role of Storytelling in Vocal Pedagogy
Margaret Schindler
Chapter 12 - From Ca Tru to the World: Understanding and Facilitating Musical Sustainability
Huib Schippers
Chapter 13 - Looking into the Trochus Shell:
Autoethnographic Reflections on a Cross-Cultural Collaborative Music Research Project
Katelyn Barney and Lexine Solomon
Chapter 14 - In Memory of Music Research: An Autoethnographic, Ethnomusicological and Emotional Response to Grief, Death and Loss in the Aboriginal Community at Borroloola, Northern Territory
Text and images by Elizabeth Mackinlay
Chapter 15 - A Way of Loving, A Way of Knowing: Music, Sexuality and the Becoming of a Queer Musicologist
Jodie Taylor
Chapter 16 - In Music and in Life: Confronting the Self Through Autoethnography
Colin Webber



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