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Mastering the Nikon D3000

391 pages

Mastering the Nikon D3000 by Darrell Young is a comprehensive guide for owners of this newest, budget-friendly generation of Nikon digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras. The small, easy-to-carry D3000 is powerful in its ability to offer guided automatic camera operation with full manual capabilities when desired. Readers will be able to develop as photographers with the D3000 -progressing from camera controlled automatic operation to user-managed manual control. However, this level of functionality requires some camera complexity.

Darrell cuts through the camera 's complexity with full explanations of every button, dial, switch, and menu on the camera with a friendly and advisory tone, like an old friend stopping by to discuss a favorite topic of mutual interest. He goes beyond just describing how the camera works by providing personal recommendations on how and when to use each function.

Darrell understands that many owners of the D3000 may be just entering into the world of DSLR cameras and he takes time to guide them through some of the basics of photography. He covers how shutter speed and aperture works, depth-of-field, lens focal lengths, white balance, autofocus, image exposure, and the all-important digital histogram.

Mastering the D3000 is the most recent volume in Rocky Nook's highly successful Nikonians Press series of books.

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Mastering the Nikon D
Mastering the Nikon D3000
Mastering the Nikon D
Darrell Young - Author
Darrell Young(DigitalDarrell) is an in-formation tecnology engineer by trade and as been an avid potograper for over  years. He as a rater large fam-ily, wit is wife and five cildren, so e as a constantly interesting flow of po-tograpic opportunities. In fact, is en-tire family uses Nikon cameras to pursue wat as become a coesive family obby.
Darrell deligts in using Nikon’s newest digital cameras but if pressed, e will ad-mit to being a “closet” film user too. Liv-ing next to te Great Smoky Mountains National Park as given im a real con-cern for, and interest in, nature potogra-py. Darrell loves to write, as you can see in te Resources area of te Nikonians. org community. He joined te community in te year , and is literary contri-butions led to is invitation to become a Founding Member of te Nikonians Writ-ers Guild.
Mastering the Nikon D
Mastering the Nikon D3000
Darrell Young
Mastering the Nikon D
Darrell Young (aka Digital Darrell)
Editor (Rocky Nook): Gerard Rossbac Editor (Nikonians): Tom Bone´ Production editor: Joan Dixon Copyeditor: Judy Flynn Layout and type: Jan Martí, Command Z Cover design: Helmut Kraus,www.exclam.de Printer: Friesens Corporation Printed in Canada
Front cover poto: Nikon USA Back cover poto: Darrell Young
st Edition © Nikonians Nort America  Rocky Nook Inc.  West Mission Street Ste  Santa Barbara, CA -
Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data
Young, Darrell, -Mastering te Nikon D / Darrell Young. -- st ed.  p. cm. ISBN ---- (alk. paper) . Nikon digital cameras--Handbooks, manuals, etc. . Single-lens reflex cameras--Handbooks, manuals, etc. . Potograpy--Digital tecniques--Handbooks, manuals, etc. I. Title. TR.NY  .’--dc  
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his book is printed on acid-free paper.
This book is dedicated to:
This book is dedicated to
My moter, Barbara, wo birted me …
My fater, Joe, wo guided my early life …
My wife, Brenda, wo puts up wit my grouciness, and feeds me wile I’m at te keyboard …
My kids, Autumn, David, Emily, Hanna, and Etan wo see te back of Daddy’s ead often …
My Nikonians editor, Tom Boné, witout wose assistance I could not possibly write books …
My friends, J. Ramon Palacios and Bo Stalbrandt, wo make it possible to belong to Nikonians.org, te world’s best Nikon User’s Community …
And, finally, to Nikon, wo makes te world’s best cameras and lenses.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
   
Examining the Nikon D3000
Digital Sensor Basics, or Wy Does a DSLR Make Better Images? Section  – Initial Camera Configuration External Camera Controls First Use of te Nikon D Initial Camera Setup Formatting te Memory Card I Want to Take Some Pictures Now! Section  – Adjusting te Nikon D’s Settings he Difference Between te Information Screen and Information Edit Menu My Conclusions
   
Nikon Guide Menus – Basic Use
Soot Guide Menu – Basic Use Soot Menu – Easy Operation Soot Menu – Advanced Operation My Conclusions
 
 
Table of Contents
Guide Menu – Advanced Use
Soot Menu Screen Review Soot Menu’s More Settings Selection Soot Menu’s Timers & Remote Control Guide Menu’s View/Delete Selections Guide Menu’s Set up Selections My Conclusions
Table of Contents
      
 
Playback Menu
Delete Function Playback Folder Display Mode Image Review Rotate Tall Slide Sow Printing Pictures witout a Computer Section  – PictBridge Printing Section  – Print Set (DPOF) Stop-Motion Movie My Conclusions
                    
Shooting and Information Edit Menus
Using te Sooting Menu Using te Information Edit Menu Reset Sooting Options Set Picture Control Image quality Image size Wite balance ISO sensitivity settings Active D-Ligting Color Spaces Noise reduction Release mode Focus modes AF-Area Modes AF-Assist Metering Built-in flas Flas Compensation Exposure Compensation Flas Modes My Conclusions
                        
Setup Menu
Reset Setup Options Format Memory Card LCD Brigtness Info Display Format Auto Info Display Clean Image Sensor Mirror Lock-Up Video Mode Time Zone and Date Language Image Comment Auto Image Rotation Dust Off Ref Poto Auto Off Timers Self-Timer Delay Remote on Duration Beep Viewfinder Options File Number Sequence Buttons No Memory Card? Date Imprint Active Folder Firmware Version My Conclusions
              
Table of Contents
Retouch and Recent Settings Menus
Section  – Retouc Menu D-Ligting Red-Eye Correction Trim Monocrome Filter Effects Color Balance Small Picture Image Overlay NEF (RAW) Processing Quick Retouc Color Outline Miniature Effect Stop-Motion Movie Before and After Section  – Recent Settings My Conclusions