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Arts in Children's Life. Context, Culture and Curriculum


Seventeen authors, whose work is representative contemporary research and theory on a constellation of issues concerning the role of the arts in children's lives and learning, address critical issues of development, context, and curriculum from perspectives informed by work with children in formal and informal settings. This anthology strives to reinvigorate dialogue on the role and significance of the arts in the education of children, drawing on various cultural and institutional context and traditional and contemporary practices from different parts of the world.

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Foreword..Laura Chapman........ 1 Preludeand Liora BreslerChristine Thompson  5 I. Context InterludeBresler and Christine Thompson Liora  9 1.Children's contextual art knowledge: Local art and school art context comparisons,Karen A. Hamblen15 2.Comments on teaching music in the world andWhat's to be learned? teaching world music at home,Bruno Nettl29 3.Becoming Japanese: Manga, children's drawings, and the construction of national character,Brent Wilson43 4.The musical cultures of children,Patricia Shehan Campbell57 5.Comparing children's song and dance in NamibianPlaying the music: education,Minette Mans71 II. Development Interlude...Thompson and Liora Bresler Christine  87 6.We begin as poets: Conceptual tools and the arts in early childhood, Kieran Egan & Michael Ling,93 7.A cultural perspective,Constructing an artistic self: WalshDaniel J. 101 8.Early childhood musical development,Graham Welch113 9.Drawing together: Peer influence in preschoolkindergarten art classes, Christine Thompson129 10.Fictional worlds and the real world in early childhood drama education, Shifra Schonmann139 III. Curriculum InterludeLiora Bresler and Christine Thompson153 11.our lives,The stories of What we teach is who we are: Susan W. Stinson,157 12.Institutional contexts for art curriculum,School art as a hybrid genre: Liora Bresler169 13.Early childhood literacy education, wakefulness, and the arts, Daniel K. Thompson185 14.Pleasure, creativity, and the carnivalesque in children's video production,Grace & Joseph TobinDonna J. 195 15.Music technology and the young child,Peter Webster215 AfterwordsWilliam Ayers 237 List of Contributors239 Name Index245