Les mots-clés des assistants - Anglais

Les mots-clés des assistants - Anglais


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Les bases du vocabulaire économique et social anglais, les mots-clés et les termes essentiels indispensables aujourd'hui pour les assistants.



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apprentissage apprenticeship The apprenticeship program will place hundreds of job seekers. apprenti(e) apprentice contrat d’apprentissage training contract; articles of apprenticeship faire son apprentissage avec quelqu’un to serve one’s apprenticeship with someone congé 1. permission de s’absenter; l’absence leave; holiday; vacation (US); time off congé individuel de formation educational leave of abscence congé de maladie sick leave congé maternité maternity leave congé parental parental leave
congés payés paid leave; paid holidays; paid vacation (US) congé sans solde unpaid leave en congé on leave; on holidays un jour de congé a day off 2. renvoi discharge; dismissal donner congé à quelqu’un to give someone notice; to discharge someone donner congé à quelqu’un sans préavis to dismiss someone without notice 3. démission resignation demander son congé to give notice; to hand in one’s resignation donner sa démission to give (in)/to send in/to tender one’s resignation Smith handed in his resignation, feeling that his repeated leaves infuriated his boss; anyway, the boss would have dismis-sed him shortly afterwards. emploi 1. terme économique générique employment 2. au sens de travail job It is by no means sure that those who lose jobs because of the crisis will be the same 7
people finding new jobs when the economy recovers. changer d’emploi to change jobs création d’emploi job creation créer des emplois to create jobs emploi d’été summer job emploi permanent permanent job emploi régulier/permanent steady job emploi peu rémunéré lowpaid job; lowpaying job emploi saisonnier seasonal job emploi stable permanent position emploi/travail temporaire temporary job emploi/travail à temps complet fulltime job/work emploi/travail à temps partiel parttime job/work garantie de l’emploi job guarantee plein emploi full employment refuser un emploi to turn down a job sécurité de l’emploi job security supprimer des emplois to eliminate jobs voir aussi àtravail
employé(e) employee The Four Tigers have followed similar roads to riches, using low wage, skilled, hardworking employees to churn out goods for the American consumers.
employé de bureau clerk; office worker
employer to employ The company employs over 1,000 people.
employeur employer Taiwan used to be an employer’s paradise: labor was not only cheap and plentyful but also docile and productive.
intérim (l’) temporary employment; temp work Some workers choose temporary employ-ment because of the flexibility it offers.
main d’oeuvre 1. l’effectif en ouvriers d’une entreprise labor/labour force; work force; manpower While foreign workers may satisfy Europe’s thirst for unskilled labour, they cannot solve all the problems. main d’oeuvre féminine female labour force main d’oeuvre qualifiée qualified/skilled labour force main d’oeuvre non qualifiée unqualified/unskilled labour force main d’oeuvre syndiquée organized labour pénurie de main d’oeuvre labour shortage 2. le travail de l’ouvrier, en opposition au capital labor/labour Automation is the answer to rising labour costs. coûts de la main d’oeuvre labour costs droit du travail labour law marché de l’emploi job/labour market; employment market
The firings have thrown secretaries and managers alike into an increasingly hostile job market.
monde du travail working world; labor world In industrialized countries, few are those now who enter the working world at an early age.
monde des affaires business world For nearly 20 years, the feminist message to the business world has been loud and clear: men and women are the same and should be treated accordingly.
petits boulots (les) deadend jobs; odd jobs Flipping hamburgers at a fast-food fran-chise is a typical dead-end job.
profession 1. une profession, un métier déterminé job; occupation People who are satisfied in their jobs are more likely than others to be motivated.
2. la profession, le secteur d’activité trade; profession Many in the trade argue that market research provides accurate salary com-pensation. professionnel(le) professional
3. profession libérale profession He is a lawyer by profession.
membre d’une profession libérale professional
retraite retirement Working conditions in the mining industry are so hard that many workers have to retire far before the usual retirement age.
âge de la retraite retirement age
mettre quelqu’un à la retraite to pension someone off
pension de retraite retirement pension
prendre sa retraite to retire
préretraite early retirement
retraite volontaire voluntary retirement
rotation du personnel personnel turnover; turnover of personnel In door-to-door selling, there is a heavy turnover of personnel.
télétravail teleworking Teleworking offers working mothers more flexibility. télétravailleur/euse teleworker
travail 1. au sens d’emploi job Guest workers often do the dirty, low-paid jobs shunned by the local population. 2. au sens de tâche work; job; task Beginners are rarely entrusted with highly specialized work. confier une tâche à quelqu’un to entrust someone with a task confier à quelqu’un le soin de faire quelque chose to entrust someone with the task of doing something une tâche ponctuelle a piece of work 3. en opposition à capital labour
Labour experts say many employers may actually welcome strikes as an opportunity to shatter union power.
division internationale du travail international division of labour
travail en atelier work in a workshop
travail de bureau/d’équipe office/team work
travail à la chaîne assembly/production line work
travail fastidieux boring job
travail intellectuel nonmanual/intellectual job/work
travail manuel manual job/work
travail à mitemps parttime job/work
travail de nuit night work
travail peu rémunéré lowpaid job; lowpaying job
travail posté shift
travail sans intérêt menial job
travail temporaire temporary job
travail à temps complet fulltime job/work
travail à temps partiel parttime job/work
travaux pénibles heavy work
travail précaire unsteady work; insecure employment
travail au noir moonlighting Nota : moonlighting peut aussi signifier la cumulation de deux occupations. Italy has long been a country of tax evasion and astonishing moonlighting. 10
travailler au noir to moonlight Nota : to moonlight peut aussi signifier cumuler deux occupations.
travailleur au noir moonlighter Nota : moonlighter peut aussi signifier cumulard.
travailler to work Tens of thousands of European workers, who might otherwise be unemployed, are working happily for Japanese firms.
travailler durement to toil
travailler à temps partiel to work parttime; to work halfday
travailler à temps plein to work fulltime
travailler en freelance to work on a free lance basis
travailleur/travailleuse worker Female workers are sometimes referred to as pink collar workers.
à l’essai on probation/trial It is quite common for new employees to be on probation for the first three months.
annonces classées classified advertisements/ads; want ads Reading the classified ads is one way to find a job.
aptitude à/pour… aptitude/ability for…