Numerical Simulation of Distributed Parameter Processes

Numerical Simulation of Distributed Parameter Processes


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The present monograph defines, interprets and uses the matrix of partial derivatives of the state vector with applications for the study of some common categories of engineering. The book covers broad categories of processes that are formed by systems of partial derivative equations (PDEs), including systems of ordinary differential equations (ODEs). The work includes numerous applications specific to Systems Theory based on Mpdx, such as parallel, serial as well as feed-back connections for the processes defined by PDEs. For similar, more complex processes based on Mpdx with PDEs and ODEs as components, we have developed control schemes with PID effects for the propagation phenomena, in continuous media (spaces) or discontinuous ones (chemistry, power system, thermo-energetic) or in electro-mechanics (railway – traction) and so on.

The monograph has a purely engineering focus and is intended for a target audience working in extremely diverse fields of application (propagation phenomena, diffusion, hydrodynamics, electromechanics) in which the use of PDEs and ODEs is justified.



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Numerical Simulation of Distributed Parameter Processes