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Sapphire Battersea

432 pages

A fascinating, funny and moving Victorian-era novel featuring Hetty Feather.
Hetty Feather is a Foundling Hospital girl and was given her name when she was left there as a baby by her mother. But she always longed to be called Sapphire, after her sapphire-blue eyes. When she is reunited with her mother, she hopes her new name, Sapphire Battersea, will also mean a new life! But life doesn't always go as planned...
Follow the twists and turns of Hetty's adventure as she goes out to work as a maid for a wealthy man. She longs to be reunited with her childhood sweetheart Jem - but also finds a new sweetheart, Bertie the butcher's boy, who whisks her away from her household chores to experience the delights of the funfair!
But Hetty's life may also take a darker path. Can she cope with the trials ahead?

"Hetty Feather is the most compelling tale Wilson has told."
"-- "The Times""
"A brilliant young writer of wit and subtlety."
"-- "The Times""
"Hugely popular with seven to ten year olds: she should be prescribed for all cases of reading reluctance."
"-- Independent on Sunday"
"Has a rare gift for writing lightly and amusingly about emotional issues."
"-- Bookseller"

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