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Other Echoes

144 pages

Other Echoes is the delicate and sensitive story of a young woman's growing self-awareness after revisiting her past. Flora is eighteen and recovering from an illness in the sanatorium at her boarding school. To while away the time, she starts to write down the story of her childhood - how at nine years old, she moved to Borneo with her parents, and encountered people and events shaped by the tragedies of the Second World War. In making sense of her own memories, Flora uncovers the ideas and emotions that make her the person she is today.

"Geras' writing is surefooted and subtly crafted, and this is an intelligent, sensitive piece of fiction about polgnant emotions" - The Bookseller; "a bitter-sweet, piercing account of a childhood in Borneo" - TES; 'The beauty of the book is the subtlety and the insightful way the bigger picture of the after effects of the war and the colonial experience are Interwoven into the portrait of a growing girl' - The Guardian; 'A richly atmospheric tale... Geras conveys the intensity of childhood experience with great skill...' - Sunday Times

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Other Echoes