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Bye-bye boredom! 1 illustrated story to make time fly while you wait!

Granny is pretty eccentric – we knew that already… So when she decided to go mammoth hunting in the Himalayas, no one thought too much of it. We even agreed to take care of her little dog Rikiki… It was only when Rikiki started to grow to the size of a dinosaur that we began to get worried…

This story is from the collected volume Bye-bye boredom - Dinosaurs, Stories to Help Pass the Time, also available in digital format.

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Granny is extraordinary. Which means there’s nothing ordinary about her.
Which infuriates Mom,
and infuriates Dad,
but I think she’s great!
For example, her dogs often look like rats; or when she grooms them they look like opera singers. So when one morning she came to our house to drop off her new dog, of course we weren’t surprised.