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The Magic Half

208 pages

Miri has a few problems:
¿ She's the middle child, stuck between two sets of twins.
¿ She's been sent to her room for smacking one of her brothers over the head with a shovel.
¿ Her room has the ugliest wallpaper in the world.
But when Miri sees a little piece of glass taped to her bedroom wall and decides to take a peek through it, she finds she has a much bigger problem to deal with . . . Suddenly, she's not in her bedroom anymore. Instead, she¿s face to face with Molly, a girl who insists that the room is hers, that the year is 1935, and that Miri has come to save her.
Undaunted by the barest of clues, the meanest of cousins and the mystery of time itself, Miri and Molly find that magic is really just a way of setting things right.

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The Magic Half