Why, Fly Guy?: Answers to Kids

Why, Fly Guy?: Answers to Kids' BIG Questions (Fly Guy Presents)


128 pages


Come along with Fly Guy as he asks (and answers!) over fifty "why?" questions! Why do I have to brush my teeth? Why do cats climb trees if they can't get down? Why do elephants have trunks? And more! There are also science projects and fun activities -- so kids can use what they've learned in a hands-on way! With engaging full-color photographs on every page, content appropriate for a young audience, humorous artwork, and colorful comic strips starring their favorite character Fly Guy, this book is perfect for kids in Pre-K and Kindergarten! *This 128-page paper-over-board book even has eye-catching holographic foil on the front cover and spine!*



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FLY GUY PRESENTS WHY, FLY GUY? A BIG question & AnswerBook
W H Y ?
For Ella, Noah, Anastazia, and Vytas—T.A.
Thank you to the following for their contributions to this book: AnnMarie Anderson, Ashley Pagnotta at the American Museum of Natural History, The ElephantSanctuary in Tennessee, Dr. Megan Grif'ths in the Department of Biological Sciences at Kent State University, Meteorologist Scott Collis, Narges Farahi,M.D.,Museum ofNaturaland Richard Baker at the American History.
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