A Proper Education for Girls

A Proper Education for Girls


352 pages


Set in 1857 between England and India, A Proper Education for Girls is a rollicking novel about feisty women, the devotion of sisters and the Victorian obsession with empire, experiments and photography.
The peachgrowers of the title are 27 year-old twin sisters with a passion for botany. Lilian, in mysterious disgrace, has been married off to a dreary missionary. Alice is left at home, curator to her father's monstrous collection of artefacts under the watchful eye of the malevolent Dr Cattermole.
A Proper Education for Girls is a dazzling debut. Tongue-in-cheek and inventive, comic and horrifying, it illuminates the dark heart of Victorian hypocrisy and selfishness, yet at the same time is engaging and highly enjoyable. Readers will become completely involved with Alice and Lilian - and their hair-raising escapades.



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A Proper Education for Girls