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Ah But Your Land Is Beautiful

288 pages

Prem, an Indian headmaster's daughter, sits in a 'No Blacks' library, an action which contributes to the formation of the Liberal Party, though the girl herself will suffer the consequences. A lawyer in the Department of Justice is caught with a black girl, condemned to death, and shoots himself - and the apartheid regime is strengthened. Families are split up; coloured families are forcibly moved into newly designated coloured areas; jobs are taken away; whites who protest are threatened and sometimes harmed. It is the first novel in a trilogy which will shock and move its readers.

'As vigorous and as exquisitely written as anything he has produced' New York Times Book Review 'Vivid and telling...Alan Paton may have come closer to conveying the essence of South African history than anyone else' Washington Post Book World

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Ah But Your Land Is Beautiful