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Difficult Loves

256 pages

This dazzling collection of stories follows the individual adventures of a varied cast of characters and masterfully illustrates Calvino¿s unique perspective and narrative gifts. As well as the eleven tales from his Difficult Loves collection this volume also includes Smog and A Plunge into Real Estate.

'A beautifully translated collection of early stories by the highly regarded Italian writer. The earliest were written in 1945 when Calvino was twenty-two and the latest date from the 1950s when he was in his early thirties. The quirkiness and the grace of the writing, the originality of the imagination at work, the incandescence of vision, make this collection well worth reading, and for more than archaeological reasons' New York Times Book Review; 'Gleaming with resonant clarity, Calvino's fiction hits the mind's eye with the hard-edged sumptuousness of a pre-Raphaelite painting. Vividness enthrals him. Story after story in Difficult Loves sparkles with heightened responsiveness to life. Capturing the tiniest tactile sensations and the heart-pounding excitement that amplifies them, Calvino sensitises his characters down to the last straining tendon and straying finger-tip' Sunday Times

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Difficult Loves