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I Married Madam

240 pages

Anna has a blast making the rounds of North London dyke pubs with her best friend Joan, but it¿s no cure for the rut she¿s fallen into with her girlfriend, Vicky. Still, life gets more exciting when she meets the enigmatic Marlene: a tall dark German who wears silk suits and smokes exotic cigarettes. She¿s a Dietrich-dream-come-true, even though she¿s the opposite of Anna¿s usual type.

But, as Anna gingerly extracts herself from her five-year relationship with Vicky, she¿s not even sure if she knows what her type is anymore. And when Anna finds out that Marlene moonlights as a lesbian dominatrix, the situation can only become more intriguing.

A funny, bittersweet and very sexy tale about what really happens when opposites attract.

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I Married Madam