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More Far Eastern Tales

320 pages

MORE FAR EASTERN TALES brings together a further selection of Somerset Maugham's stories inspired by his travels in Singapore, Malaya and other exotic parts of the former British Empire. Containing some of his best-loved tales, this superbly entertaining and compelling collection is a testament to the skill and power of Maugham as a short story writer. From the love affair between a missionary and a drunkard to the mystery surrounding a death on board ship, the stories give a fascinating insight into life and history of these colonies and are imbued with warmth, humour and a vast understanding of human nature.

Maugham teases out buried secrets as mesmerising as the heat and as menacing as the surrounding jungle Observer If all else perish, there will remain a storyteller's world...that is exclusively and forever Maugham, a world of verandah and prahu which we enter as well as we do that of Conan Doyle's Baker Street, and with a happy and eternal homecoming The Times Ideally you should listen to these stories lying in a long cane chair on the veranda of a dark bungalow sipping a gin and bitters - not that Maugham's writing needs any further atmospheric embellishment Guardian

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More Far Eastern Tales