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Pleasing Them

256 pages

The young servant girl slid helplessly into the foaming water which filled her mistress¿s marble bath.Her black and white maid¿s uniform was instantly drenched and clung to her in a way that outlined every part of her curvaceous body.

¿We may, in the seclusion of this home, begin to explore what most people would think of as forbidden pleasures.¿
With these words Robert Shanescrosse introduces his young and beautiful wife to the peculiar delights he shares with his carefully selected servants at the most peculiar house in Victorian England. Yet he has an even darker secret which requires everyone at the manor to work hard to satisfy the strange desires of three men of dubious integrity.
Why does the puritanical Mr Blanking send young ladies into muddy pond wearing only theit hats? Can the wicked Sir Horace ever obtain the satisfaction he craves through cruelty? And why is David making such strange demands? How can Robert, Jane and their servants offer pleasures extreme enough to please them?

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Pleasing Them