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Sunday Daffodil and Other Happy Endings

224 pages

Fielding Montanna might be dead, but doesn¿t know it. Sunday Daffodil wants to kill herself, but won¿t die. Louie Louie has the hots for Fielding¿s once beautiful mother, and the mysterious Moriarty hasn¿t slept a wink in twenty three years. Manhattan, meanwhile, is slowly sinking in a sea of sludge. Obviously it was always going to have a happy ending...
P. Robert's Smith's gloriously inventive follow-up to Up A Tree in the Park At Night with a Hedgehog is set in a New York that is both futuristic and yet drenched in nostalgia, and peopled with charming, quirky characters all in search of their own happy endings.

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Sunday Daffodil and Other Happy Endings